Don't be confused: these are all red light cameras

LEDdar devices are installed on few intersections around town. The company provides 3D detection and ranging and boasts it can reduce travel time by 25%. It's basically traffic surveying without the big trailer or the traffic survey. Davis has several D-tec products installed they provides nifty tools for gathering data / recognizing stuff coming to the intersection. Since it broadcasts / receives IR light, you can't see it but it can notice bikes and cars in more situations. It apparently also integrates into current traffic infrastructure and will function as traffic detectors, apparently reducing red light duration when there are no cars and it is your turn.

It looks like it could be used to help optimize travel, and also provide data in the case of accidents like the one at 5th and Poleline that wasn't watched despite it being one of the 5 camera intersections. Motorcyclists and bicyclists everywhere rejoice in better detection at lights. Of course, they join the typically less welcomed red light cameras watching intersections.

SD notes that there is something hinky with LEDdar detection... on are occasions it will take days...