Landscape designers design, plan, create, and manage beautiful, natural habitats for people's enjoyment. UC Davis has a landscape architecture department, and several people live and work in Davis who do landscape design. Landscape architecture is a professional certification. No professional certification or educational requirements exist for an individual to call himself or herself a landscape designer. The following are some of the landscape designers in Davis:

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           Drought Tolerant Landscapes- Design and Installation of Drought Tolerant Landscapes in Davis, CA

  • Chris Corbett Design - A full-service landscape design and installation firm serving Yolo, Solano and Sacramento counties.
  • Ecological Landscape Design - Emphasizes functional, sustainable designs with minimal environmental impact
  • Great Valley Design - A landscape architect in Davis, for Davis. Regional, sustainable, edible.
  • Steve Stombler Landscape - A local landscape architect.
  • Vaage Construction - A landscape designer and general contractor specializing in water-wise and ecological planning and installation.
  • Whole System Designs - designs and builds ecological landscapes featuring natural drainage, edible and native plantings, rain catchment and greywater systems.


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