Laurel Building is one of five buildings(4 residential and 1 Commons/Laundry building) that comprise the Primero Grove apartment complex.

Laurel Building is being run as a private apartment complex inside of Primero Grove. The other 3 residential buildings are being leased by Student Housing for use as dorms for the 2011-2012 Academic year.

Primero Grove is distinct from most apartments in Davis because it was constructed by private interests on land leased from the university specifically for the purpose of providing student housing. In this, and similar projects, a covenant exists between the university and the owner/management firm ensuring that UC Davis students have priority over all other potential renters; some of these covenants contain stipulations that further limit potential renters to subclasses of students, such as those with children, students with sophomore standing or higher, etc. However, the building owner also has a right to fill vacancies with individuals outside those groups should there be insufficient interest from protected groups. Other examples of university tenancy projects include The Colleges, La Rue Park and greek housing on La Rue Road.

During the first several years following construction of Primero Grove in 1998, Laurel Building was leased back by the university for use as a dorm. Student Housing leased all of Primero Grove for use as a dorm from 1998 to 2000. Starting inn Fall of 2000, they only leased Laurel Building. By fall 2005, the university terminated this lease-back agreement for Laurel Building.