The mission of the Law Students Association (LSA), UC Davis School of Law’s student government, is to increase the value of the legal education offered at King Hall. LSA works toward improving student life, addressing student concerns, and acting as a liaison among the students and the faculty, administration, and alumni. The LSA President meets frequently with various members of the King Hall community to communicate and advocate for the interests of the student body. The LSA manages a budget of over $30,000, approving appropriations to approximately fifty student organizations. The LSA’s appropriations contribute to funding nearly all student organization culture weeks, lunchtime speakers, and special annual events. Examples include Cesar Chavez week, API week, the KHLF auction, Over the Hump, Cardozorama, and the Patiño Banquet. LSA also funds journal cite checking parties, lunchtime speaker events, and symposia.

The 17 member LSA Board includes the President, Vice President, External Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, two Representatives from each of the three classes, three 1L Section Representatives, one LL.M. Representative, one ABA Representative, and one GSHIP Representative. In the fall semester, 1Ls vote for five of their peers to serve as 1L Representatives and Section Representatives. The entire student body votes for 1L candidates for LSA Secretary. The student body elects the remaining officers in elections late in the spring semester. Other elected and appointed student representatives serve on committees dealing with student recruitment, retention, and outreach; educational policy; student health insurance; alumni relations; and career services. LSA Board meetings, held every two weeks, are open to the entire King Hall community.

The LSA is also responsible for many student social events and fundraisers. In the fall, the 1L Representatives coordinate, in conjunction with the Graduate School of Management, School of Medicine, and School of Veterinary Medicine, the UC Davis Graduate Student Mixer. The 2L Representatives organize the annual Barrister's Ball formal to celebrate passing the midway point of the 2L class’s legal education. The 3L Representatives fundraise for their class gift and work with the administration to plan Commencement.

LSA Board

  • President: Hayes Hyde
  • Vice President: Samantha Gavin
  • External Vice President: Kaitlyn Kalua
  • Treasurer: Samantha Mandell
  • Secretary: Roya Bagheri
  • 3L Representative: Sarah Chi
  • 3L Representative: William Moodie
  • 2L Representative: Leanna Henderson
  • 2L Representative: Matthew Stokes
  • 1L Representative: Alistair Shaw
  • 1L Representative: Erin Canino
  • LL.M. Representative: John Yue

Non-voting Members

  • 1L Section A-B Rep: Michel Wigney
  • 1L Section C-D Rep: Asya Sorokurs
  • 1L Section E-F Rep: Kelly Healy
  • 3L Education Policy: Dana Brimmer
  • 2L Education Policy: Varun Aery
  • 1L Education Policy: Kyle Kate Dudley

LSA Constitution and By-Laws

Former LSA Presidents

  • 2011-12: Rabia Paracha
  • 2010-11: Scott Vignos
  • 2009-10: Victoria Hassid
  • 2008-09: Eric Toscano
  • 2007-08: Sarah W. Asplin
  • 2006-07: Marc G. Fernandez
  • 2005-06: Ché Salinas
  • 2004-05: Joe Adams
  • 2003-04: Sally Schwettmann
  • 2002-03: Gage Dungy
  • 2001-02: Dawn Belcher Neufeld
  • 2000-01: Sarah Boxer
  • 1999-00: Scott Lay
  • 1998-99: Rochelle Boone Briscoe
  • 1997-98: Duncan Crabtree-Ireland
  • 1996-97: Jeremy Milbrodt
  • 1995-96: Chad Carlock
  • 1994-95: Jim Scheinman
  • 1993-94: Juan Mejia
  • 1992-93: Lisa Duarte
  • 1991-92: Dario J. Frommer
  • 1990-91: Carin Crain
  • 1989-90: Mark Kyle
  • 1988-89: Nancy Hart
  • 1986-87: Margo Roeckl