The Name of this Band was Lawsuit

Once upon a time there was a band in Davis named Lawsuit. It was a 10 piece band, known for its quirky lyrics and its 4-piece horn section (the Horns of Adequacy). The band played up and down California, were popular entertainment for the Whole Earth Festival and regulars at the Palms Playhouse when it was still here in Davis.

The band broke up in 1996 and its lead singer, Paul Sykes died in 1999.

Interested parties can visit Lawsuit's Facebook Page for details and pictures, or download full albums from the Bandcamp Page.  There was a website called The Lawsuit Graveyard but the internet seems to have lost it. For quite awhile people would ask Armadillo Records for CDs and were directed to the site. Lately Ned has been posting Lawsuit and Paul videos to

If anybody is desperate for it, JabberWokky thinks he mirrored the site while it was active and has it somewhere on a spindle of DVDs.


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2004-12-09 07:15:43   I checked out the web site and listened to some songs. I really love the sound, this band is incredibly creative. - MikeIvanov

2005-09-27 09:39:07   Former Lawsuit members + Their Friends = Preoccupied Pipers

Go to to get information about our double-CD Preoccupied Pipers: The Trout SupershowKcBowman

2006-07-07 07:07:10   I've seen Ned's naked butt—many times. I used to change his diapers. —BevSykes

2006-07-07 08:11:20   Lawsuit was my favorite band when I was attending UCD. The halloween show they did at the Varsity theater will be in my mind forever (especially the Oingo Boingo covers, those were fabulous). I still listen to Emergency Third Rail Power Trip on occasion, as well as some of the earlier Preoccupied Pipers work. I miss this band. :( —AlexPomeranz

2006-08-09 03:12:40   Aaron feldstein showed me this incredible music when he found third rail power trip(One of lawsuits CDs) a few years back (I beleive at his girlfriends mothers hosue) and I've been hooked ever since. I've got all their Mp3s from the graveyard, and i'm on the waiting list for CDs at armadillo and the two major music stores in berkley. They were an absolutley amazing band and i'm very dissapointed I never knew about then while they were still in existance as a group. It's unfortunate that they're not around anymore, Davis could use a glorious local band to get behind. Just absolutley stunning lyrics. —OlinHannum

2006-09-09 23:19:09   oh man, Lawsuit was the first band I grew up listening to. The radio station my dad worked at got a 5 song EP of theirs that I still have to this day. —JordanDuBois