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LOCO, or the League of Campus Organizations, is a forum for all current UC Davis student-run organizations to UNITE!

On such a big campus, collaborative efforts are difficult and getting the word out for large-scale events is much more laborious than it should be. LOCO will provide not only a place for your group to share their message, but will allow all student-run efforts on campus to work together and achieve greater goals.

Especially with the advent of CES' recent decision to charge $10 for every room reservation, the UC Davis campus has shown that it is not responsive to the many organizations on campus. We must come together and show them where the wills of the students lie. Student-run organizations are the heart of the culture in Davis and define many student's college experiences. We will not be marginalized!

LOCO will:

  • Be a place where you can reach a greater audience to support your cause
  • Facilitate bigger, multi-group projects
  • Provide group lobbying power on campus
  • Connect your group to others with similar interests
  • Provide networking opportunities for your group
  • And much more!

LOCO is just starting, so...

...please share your thoughts and ideas!

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