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Club Overview

League of Legends is an online game. The League of Legends Club at UC Davis is a student club aimed to get fellow summoners together to meet friends and have fun.


Membership for 2015-2016 is $10 and comes with a free membership t-shirt. Extra prizes, discounts to events, and bonus rewards are given to members if they attend club events wearing their membership t-shirt.


Prizes are given out to attendees at gaming socials, tournaments, and tabling events regardless of club membership. Bonus rewards are given to members.


Gaming Socials

Gaming socials are usually the 3rd Thursday of every month at 7:30pm in Surge III 1309. Gaming socials are either free play, where club members can queue up with other club members, or have a specific mode for the event such as "Ultimate Bravery" or "Donger Dash". When a major event is coming up, the club will host a special gaming social for it. For example, if a Halloween game mode is released in-game, the club will host a Halloween-themed gaming social that consists of the in-game Halloween game mode, costume contest, pumpkin carving, free candy, as well as a free spin on the prize wheel for every attendee.


Every quarter, a LAN tournament is held on UC Davis campus with Riot-sponsored prizes, as well as raffles and a spin on the prize wheel for every attendee. Tournaments are usually held in Memorial Union II and take place all day long. Online tournaments and intercollegiate tournaments take place sporadically throughout the school year. Connect with the club viaFacebook to find out when tournaments are, and how to register.

Past Tournaments

  • Fall 2012 LAN 5v5

  • Spring 2013 ARAM 5v5

  • Spring 2013 LAN 5v5

  • Spring 2013 Online 5v5

  • Summer 2013 Online 5v5

  • Fall 2013 ARAM 5v5

  • Fall 2013 LAN 5v5

  • Winter 2014 LAN 5v5

  • Winter 2014 Online 5v5

  • Spring 2014 Online 1v1

  • Spring 2014 Online 5v5 with UC Riverside

  • Summer 2014 Online 5v5

  • Fall 2014 LAN 5v5 

  • Winter 2015 LAN 5v5
  • Summer 2015 Online 1v1
  • Fall 2015 LAN 5v5

Officer Information

For detailed information on officer roles, visit the Google Docs page.

Officers for 2015-2016

  • President: Andie Tonnu
  • Vice President: Eva Tran
  • Treasurer: Raphael Opon
  • Secretary: Brittany Ossa
  • Gaming Social Chair: Jarrel Guieb
  • Public Relations: Jayke Manzano

  • Human Relations: Anthony Chan
  • LAN Director: David Croft
  • LAN Hardware Specialist: Alex Blaine
  • Intern: Cody Little
  • Special Projects Manager: Andrew Linaac

Past Presidents

  • 2012-2013: Edward Chou
  • 2013-2014: Andrew Sindel
  • 2014-2015: Brittany Ossa and Ruby Star


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