People leaving Davis should consider relocating to one of our Sister Cities.

Leaving Davis is typically what a student does after graduating from UC Davis. You might also leave if you feel like you have been here a little too long.

  • I have heard, but can't find it anywhere, that Davis has/had the largest percentage of graduates that remain in the area after graduation. - RC

Not to discourage people from staying in Davis, but if you have already left Davis, leave us your virtual calling card here, say hi, and let us know where you went!

  • EvanEdwards and SarahHillard are on the other end of I-80, in a small college town in Pennsylvania. Sarah is pursuing her PhD in Chemistry at Penn State and Evan is pursuing her. They have vague plans to move back to Davis at some point in the future.
  • How far away are we talking about including? I live in West Sacramento which is technically leaving Davis, but I am only the next town over. Is this meant to be those moving beyond the Sacramento/Vacaville/Woodland area? Bay Area? - RC
    • I'd say that if you can make it to an event in Davis without having to arrange for an overnight stay, you're basically still local. - JessicaLuedtke
  • I'll be leaving Davis — and the United States — in two weeks to begin work on my doctorate. Things I'll miss: the Davis wiki, co-op, adult learning center, and Delta Venus (especially Irish night). Things I won't miss: the new Target, the ignoramuses who voted for it, the apathetic/transient student population, bland food, market-driven thinking, the psychic's Hummer, neoprimitivism, and "liberal" elitist hypocrisy. I would consider returning under one condition: if I were offered a tenure-track position at UCD. Ironically, I think the Davis wiki is the best thing going for Davis, next to a few great professors and their lasting influence (which I'll have to assume exists, based on my undergraduate experience in another state). Salut, everyone! — ZN
  • Those that do leave Davis ought to seek out other Alumni, depending on the city where they move to. For example, there is a decently sized group of Alumni over in Washington DC. I know this because I briefly visited a few of them in November 2006. I am sure other major cities will have some as well. - Paul Amnuaypayoat