This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.



5100 Chiles Road
Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
Sat 8am-5pm
(530) 757-8000
Web site

Les Schwab Tire Center is a chain automobile tire and rim store. The cost of mounting is included in the price of all their tires.

Flat tire repair takes about 30 minutes and costs $12.75 - and they waive the repair fee for first time customers. With a Super Saver Card, you can get a free flat repair, brake inspection, and 4-tire rotation.

They have a small waiting area with a couple of couches, a television, and complimentary popcorn (from an actual popcorn machine).

This location closed on November 6, 2010, and the store has moved to 1920 N. First St. in Dixon.


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2005-07-29 17:00:46   I recently got four new tires and a new thingy for the front right part of my axle...anyway they're really nice and offer nice warranties. Yippy. —SummerSong

2005-08-23 10:06:15   I've heard stories of Les Schwab doing crappy work and I know their tires are cheap quality. They don't sell any great brands like Michelin, Bridgestone, BF Goodrich or Goodyear. If you want great service and great, safe tires, for the cheapest you can find (of that quality) go to the tire center at Costco in Vacaville. —ChristopherAdy

2005-08-23 12:08:52   I agree with Chris. I went to Les Schwab in Vacaville after a fairly new tire I bought from them exploded on the freeway. They didn't seem concerned, as if their crappy tires blow out all the time, it kind of worried me. And my mechanic pointed out a dent I had gotten from an accident on my old car that Les Schwab did nothing about and just put a new tire on. I don't go there anymore, but I did go for the free rotation. —MichelleAccurso

2006-01-02 19:05:03   The Les Schwab tires are generally rebranded of other tires. I recall that some of their tires are good brands, such as Toyos. —JaimeRaba

2006-07-05 20:47:34   True dat. Toyos are the best tires. I always buy them and have never had any trouble with them. Les doesn't sell Michelin, Bridgestone, BF Goodrich or Goodyear because they are really expensive and suck compared to Toyos. Get your tires from Les... —SlutMan

2006-08-22 14:48:34   I recently got a flat tire and Les Schwab patched it for free! No complaints here!! Great, friendly service!! —MeBeCarly

2007-04-02 14:16:46   I had a tire leaking air - turns out it was a nail. They fixed it for free. —DanWillenbring

2007-08-25 09:12:01   Randy is a really cool guy! :-)

Fair price and prompt work on replacing my rotors. Well done! —Casey

2007-11-07 14:13:22   As of today, rotation is free (no matter where you bought the tires) and balancing is $12/tire if not purchased from Les Schwab. —MattVanGundy

2007-12-12 16:41:40   These guys are scary good. I used fix-a-flat to get a car there (all four tires were in need of replacement, and one was flat). By the time I parked and got out of the car, one of their technicians was already inspecting the flat tire. He asked for the keys and directed me to their office. I had barely started explaining what I wanted to the person inside when the technician came back in. He had the make, model, year & VIN all written down, gave me some tire options (All Toyos) and within 30 minutes I was out the door with a new set of tires and a bag of fresh popcorn. I noticed their waiting area also has children's toys and books. Great experience. The only thing keeping them from godlike perfection is that their TV is tuned to Fox News. —SteveZ

"2008-2-13"   These guys are AWESOME. I had to go on a long road trip the next day and desperately needed to have my tires rotated. Not only did they rotate my tires without charging me anything, but they did it in less than half-an-hour! In addition, I had a tire that I periodically had to fill up with air. I had taken it into a different Les Schwab, and they were unable to find anything. I told these guys about it, and they were able to find a minute hole in the tire, and fixed it! If you can, see "Troy" - he's very professional about everything and extremely helpful.—Kipp

2009-01-27 10:42:59   I really, really like these guys. Highly recommended. Trust-worthy, helpful, good service, good people. —lindas

2009-01-28 21:35:19   I took my car in to get my tires rotated, even though they were not purchased from Les Schwab. I was greeted in the parking lot by an employee, he examined the tires, and took me inside to log my info. into their computer. He did not charge me for the tire rotation and balancing because I had purchased tires from them for my other car. He conducted the tire rotation himself. The store was not excessively busy on the Saturday morning that I visited and my entire visit lasted approximately 20 minutes. I will return to this Les Schwab the next time I need new tires. —Buckeye44

2009-03-23 17:38:31   My roommates and I have all had good experiences here. The employees are polite and willing to explain things, and are generally awesome. They have a huge selection, so they can offer you several different grades of tires, depending on whether you care about durability, warranty, etc. They sell off-brand tires, but that doesn't mean much: most of them come with warranties that meet or exceed those of comparable name-brands. —AmitVainsencher

2010-02-02 16:49:08   A+ service! After an annoying tire repair experience at Vander hamm Goodyear store and I had to get a refund after being lied to and charged for items I did not authorize, I took the tire here and they fixed the air leak at the rim no problem for free and balanced it and only charged me $12.50 after Goodyear charged me $21 and I got nothing but lies, and unbalanced tire and a tire still leaking after they told me it was not leaking. The people here are very friendly, fast, fair and courteous and they give you what you pay for and more. I bought two tires last month for my small truck for a good price and they are perfect. They did such a good job above and beyond the call of duty on the tire leak Goodyear could not fix, I went back and gave them a $10 tip. They do have good tire brands as well as economy brands and less expensive than Goodyear or BigO. —cjsg