Every business has its name publicized to an audience in some capacity - print, online, word-of-mouth, indoor/outdoor signs, reviews, social media - the list goes on. But businesses rarely have consistent professional support in these avenues that reflect how their brand is represented.

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Level Up Media is a locally owned creative media and consulting firm that specializes in using graphic design, consulting, technology, and marketing to develop executive branding assets/solutions and fundamental marketing structures for businesses.  Services include (but are not limited to) graphic & brand design, customized business products, website development, and social media strategy.   Their client portfolio includes local, regional, and national companies and organizations.


News & Updates: Davis Websites recently expanded under the same ownership and original founders UC Davis Alumnus Albert Rodriguez '07 and Sara Woo '07, to Level Up Media, LLC, which fully encompasses all of their comprehensive services.



Featured Clients


Taqueria Guadalajara — http://www.tgtacos.com/Brunch Boys - http://www.brunchboystruck.com/


Melissa August Massage Therapy — http://www.melsmassagedavis.com/Crown Realty Property Management — http://www.crownpm.com/


Henry's Bullfrog Bees - http://www.bullfrogbees.com/The Candy House of Davis — http://www.candyhouseofdavis.com/




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2015-03-17 02:38:16   What do you mean by "executive branding assets/solutions" and "fundamental marketing structures"? For those of us outside of your industry, I haven't the vaguest notion of what your buzzwords mean in standard English. What are "strategic business products"? How do you "design a brand" ? —JudithTruman