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GM #1: Apr. 10

GM #2: Apr. 24

GM #3: May 8

GM#4/Social: May 22

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Olson 159

Liberty in North Korea at UC Davis ([email protected]) is a college chapter of the trans-national organization Liberty in North Korea (originally founded as a grassroots organization in Yale University). The UC Davis chapter was founded in 2015 by April Lat, Derby Sinn, Helia Lee, Samantha Portea, Shawn Han, Helena Kim, and Sae Yokoyama.

Ever been curious as to what really is going on in North Korea, as it relates to the daily lives of its citizens? With all the attention on the radical political leaders of the day, [email protected] works to bring that same spotlight to the plight of North Koreans. We hope to spread awareness of the intense journey many North Korean defectors undergo and to de-stigmatize the topic of North Korea. If you have an interest in human rights or international relations, come check us out!

We also raise funds for the long journey that defectors make to resettle in a new country, so keep an eye out for handmade kimbap, donkatsu, and kimchi fried rice fundraisers on our Facebook page. You could help ensure that people who have taken huge risks in search of a better life than in North Korea and are often in precarious situations (vulnerable to sex trafficking, sex slavery, or deportation back to North Korea, typically meaning execution or life in North Korean concentration camps, often with their families as punishment) can resettle and rebuild their lives in South Korea or the U.S.! 

Our biggest event is our annual North Korean refugee speaker event, usually in the first month of Fall Quarter, where we invite a defector to share their narrative of life in North Korea. Past speakers include Ms. Jo Jin Hye (left) and Mr. Park Sang Hak (right)

Ms. Jo Jin Hye, NK defector and founder of NKinUSAMr. Park Sang Hak, NK defector and activist

Interested in learning more? Visit one of our websites or email [email protected] to be added to the [email protected] listserv.


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