Successful math physics undergrad here. Made this list before applying to grad school in math or physics. Career wise data science grad school looks better.

Anyone else got solid info on other people post grad school? Please edit.

Degree Recipients were taken from these sites:
UC Davis Physics PhD Recipients
UC Davis Mathematics PhD Recipients
UC Davis Mathematics Masters Recipients

Research Project: Determine the long term career trends in the hard sciences for graduate degrees. Information dated Dec 2017.
Each person is listed with their most recent job that could be found. The search was usually LinkedIn,, and then a general internet search. This found most people in industry and teaching positions. Despite graduates in non-teaching postdoc positions and government lab positions being harder to find, there were few failed searches.

In general, graduates that stayed in academia were mostly teaching positions and consecutive postdocs. Permanent research positions were rare.

In general, graduates that went into industry were overwhelming data science and software engineering positions.

PhDs in Applied Math and Pure Math tended to stay in academic positions.

Masters in Applied Math and Pure Math were about half and half for academia and industry. Pure Math's got jobs in industry more often than Applied Math's.

Physics PhDs were about half and half for academia and industry.

Applied Math and Pure Math PhDs and Masters that went into academia tended to find permanent positions whereas Physics PhDs tended to have consecutive temporary positions.

Applied Math and Pure Math PhDs and Masters that went into academia tended to find positions that were more teaching centric than research centric. Physics PhDs that went into academia tended to favor positions that were temporary but more research oriented.

Physics PhDs that went into industry tended to be more successful in career advancement than math graduates.

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    PhD Applied Math
    PhD Pure Math
    PhD Physics
    M.S. Applied Math
    M.A. Pure Math

PhD Applied Math
Amanda Back
    no info
Calina Copos
    Courant Instructor
Julio Deride
    Visiting Researcher National Institute of Aerospace
Chuanbin Li
    Postdoc Pennstate
Shuyang Ling
    Courant Instructor
Swati Patel
    Postdoc Tulane University
Dale Trockel
    Data Scientist Codar Ocean Sensors
Yuan Zhou
    Assistant Professor University of Kentucky

Nix Barnett
    Research Students Complexity Sciences Center UC Davis
Eric Brattain-Morrin
    Assistant Professor New Paltz State University of New York
Brandon Dutra
    Software Engineer Google
Ryan Halabi
    Data Scientist BombBomb
Jeff Irion
    Research Scientist Bosch
Philip Kopel
    Burnett Meyer Postdoc University of Colorado Boulder
Chuan Qin
    Senior Financial Economist Securities Litigation and Consulting Group
David Stein

Owen Lewis
    Research Assistant Professor University of Utah
Edward (William) Tavernetti
    Lecturer UC Davis
Alex Waagen
    Postdoc HRL Laboratories
Richard Watson
    senior data scientist / machine learning practitioner, Independent Consultant in health / wellness field

Charles Brummitt
    Senior Data Scientist Catalant Technologies
Mi Jiang
    Postdoc University of British Columbia
Ricky Kwok
    Machine Learning Engineer Spotify
Lingyun Li
    Lecturer UC Davis
Matthew O'Brien
    no info
Matthew Reed
    Sr. Data Scientist Deep AI

Adam Dobrin
    Senior Data Analyst Redfin
Robert Hildebrand
    Postdoc IBM
Joohee Hong
    Lecturer UC Davis
Wenjing Liao
    Assistant Professor Georgia Institute of Technology
Haoyang Liu
    Assistant Professor Florida State University
Paul Mach
    Software Engineer Tetration Analytics
Nicholas Travers
    Visiting Assistant Professor Indiana University
Ernest Woei
    Image Processing Developer at Trendage
Jing Xia
    Statistician / Data scientist / Risk analytics and management Paypal
Jiawei (Calvin) Zhang
    Assistant Professor University of Arizona

Jen (Josh) Oyoung
    no info
David Renfrew
    Assistant Professor Binghamton University
Gregory Shinault
    Associate Lecturer University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hsiao-Chieh Tseng
    Senior Software Engineer Brion Technologies

Thomas Hunt
    Mathematician Analyst Hurricane Electric
Blake Hunter
    Assistant Professor Claremont McKenna College
Eunghyun Lee
    Assistant Professor Nazarbayev University
Jia-Ming (Frank) Liou
    Assistant Professor National Cheng Kung University
Yuji Nakatsukasa
    Academic Visitor Oxford
Anastasia Raymer
    Data Analyst III TDS Telecom
Moritz Reintjes
    Postdoc Instituto Superior Tecnico
Tamara Schlichter
    Events Coordinator New York
Martha Shott
    Assistant Professor Sonoma State University

PhD Pure Math
Federico Castillo
    Postdoc MSRI
Matthew Cha
    Visiting Assistant Professor Michigan State University
Indrajit Jana
    Assitant Professor Temple University
Dale Koenig
    Postdoc OIST
Henry Kvinge
    Postdoc Colorado State University
Alexander Lang
    no info
Carson Rogers
    Lecturer UC Davis

Reuben La Haye
    Software Engineer Google
Mark Lydon
    Faculty Sonoma State University and Adjunct Instructor Napa Valley College
Jacob Miller
    Data Scientist Allstate
George Mossessian
    Software Engineer
Gustavo Navarro
    VP Engineering at Reach Labs (Supply Inc.)
Axel Saenz-Rodriguez
    Postdoc University of Virginia
Kevin Schenthal
    Data Scientist CLARA Analytics
Ruoguang (Roger) Tian
    Lecturer UC Davis
Chelsea Weaver
    Machine Learning Scientist Amazon Web Services
Christopher Westenberger
    Research Assistant FactSet
Amanda Young
    Postdoc University of Arizona

Steven Lu
    no info
Travis Scrimshaw
    Postdoc University of Queensland
Timothy Wertz
    Lecturer Yale-NUS College

Euna Chong
    Adjunct Math Faculty American River College
Binglin Li
    no info
Naizhen Zhang
    Postdoc Universidade Federal Fluminense

Jeffrey Anderson
    Mathematics Instructor Foothill College
Emi Arima
    Instructor Columbia State Community College
Carlos Barrera-Rodriguez
    CTO and Cofounder Matematika Teknologika
Jason Hole
    Mathematics Instructor Saddleback College
Yvonne Kemper
    Science Writer IST Austria

Sonya Berg
    Data Scientist Stitch Fix
Jeffrey Ferreira
    Software Engineer at Stealth Mode Startup Company
Benjamin Fineman
    Tenure Track Math Faculty Mission College
Mihaela Ifrim
    Postdoc UC Berkeley
Matt Stamps
    Assitant Professor Yale-NUS College
Rohit Thomas
    Lecturer UC Davis
Anna Vershynina
    Asisstant Professor University of Houston

Lawrence Austria
    U.S. Coast Guard
Christopher Bumgardner
    Freelance Data Scientist UC Davis Nutritional Science Department
David Cherney
    Lecturer UC Davis
Samuel Denton IV
Patrick Dragon
    Lecturer UMass Amherst
Sonny Mohammadzadeh
    Professor City College of San Francisco
Stephen Ng
    Data Scientist and Research Engineer EagleView
Sean O'Rourke
    Assistant Professor University of Colorado Boulder
Mohamed Omar
    Assistant Professor Harvey Mudd College

M.S. Applied Math
Jason Barnett
    Mathematician Konami Gaming
Aviv Behar
    no info
Jacob Johnson
    Graduate Research Assistant Berkeley Lab

Yang Hu
    Algorithm Engineer China Highway Engineering Consulting Corporation
Benjamin Johnson
    Research Students Complexity Sciences Center UC Davis
Lu Li
    Data Scientist II Uber
Ning Wan
    no info

Michael Glaros
    Mentor AJ Tutoring
Rebecca Starr
    no info
Yudi Yang
    no info

Garrett Badeau
    Senior Software Engineer AOL
Ben Fogelson
    Postdoc University of Utah
Jason Ochiai
    no info
Efrem Rensi
    Principal Software Engineer CleepCam

Jeff Bronson
    no info
Alicia (Fiebig) Singh
    Manager of FP&A Smule
Omar Hafez
    PhD Student Civil & Environmental Engineering
Jizhou Huang
    no info
Bailey Meeker
    Data Scientist Accenture
Nathaniel Merrill
    Visiting Assistant Professor Smith College

Colin Middleton
    Adjunct Math Faculty American River College
Andrew Port
    Computer Engineering Graduate Student UC Santa Cruz

Brian Alger
    Idaho National Laboratory

M.A. Pure Math
Victor Bankston
    no info

Yutong Wang
    Web Developer University of Michigan

Robert Bassett
    no info
Paige Buck-Moyer
    Assistant Professor Los Rios Community College District
Virgil Chan
    no info
John Clark
    no info
Mick Petchprom
    Lecturer DeAnza College

Laura Luttmer
    Associate Product Manager Lucid Software
Corina Ray
    Software Engineer Analyst at

Robert Beck
    Data Analyst at Zillow
Katrina Glaeser
    Data Scientist at Scribd
Mark Junod
    Software Engineer at Curalate
Benoit Richard
    no info
Douglas Unger
    no info

Paul Prue
    Instructor Sacramento City College
Han Wang
    Data Anlayst at Stryker

Lucianna Lautze
    Director of Community Outreach and Event Planning Athletus
Matthew Rodrigues
    Adjunct Faculty Cosumnes River College

PhD Physics
Nadia Bolis
    Postdoc Czech Academy of Sciences
Chad Flores
    Product Engineer at Lam Research
Gabriel Herczeg
    Lecturer UC Davis
Matthew Lawson
    no info
Valentina Prilepina
    no info
Kara Farnsworth
    Postdoc Czech Academy of Science
Sergey Uvarov
    no info
Galina Malovichko
    no info

Andrew Joseph Scacco
    Physicist at ATT Santa Barbara
Benoit Julien Richard
    no info
Francesca Shun-Ning Annarosa Ricci-Tam
    Postdoc University of Maryland
Nix Barnett Mathematics
    Research Students Complexity Sciences Center UC Davis
Paul Michael Riechers
    Graduate Student Researcher UC Davis
Kent Robert Shirer
    Postdoc Max Plank Institute
Edward Burks
    Senior Systems Engineer (Attitude Control) Space Systems Loral
Alison Mansheim
    Insight Data Science Fellow
Nicolas Andresneill Herrera
    no info
Sahar Hihath
    no info
Kasey William Schultz
    Junior Data Scientist at Bakround
Nicholas Ian Walsh
    Postdoc at LLNL
Kitran Macey Colwell
    Assistant Professor Diablo Valley College
Karen Yin-Yee Ng
    Data Scientist Intel
Xingyue Peng
    Sr Product Engineer at ASML

Rylan Towne Conway
    Software Development Engineer at Amazon, Alexa Brain
Michael Kenneth Squires
    Astrodynamics Software Engineer AGI
Ching Han Lin
    Part Time Lecturer Sacramento State
David Mark Nisson
    Intern UC Davis
John Earl Crocker
    no info
Daria Eiteneer
    Full Time Faculty Folsom Lake College
Nicholas Andrew Rumbaugh
    Postdoc National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Yun Jiang
    Postdoc Niels Bohr Institute
Marius Millea
    Lagrange Fellow Institute Lagrange de Paris
Peter Greene
    Attitude Control Systems Engineer Space Systems Loral
Ralph Edezhath
    Data Scientist at Chegg
Yundi Quan
    Beijing Normal University
Jaren Quinn Norris
    Visiting Faculty Brigham Young University - Idaho
Shu-Ting Pi
    Postdoc UC Davis
Vladimir Iglovikov
    Data Scientist Lyft
Vikram Vijayaraghavan
    Senior Member of Technical Staff at AT&T Foundry
Miles Frampton
    Physicist Naval Air Systems Command

Daniel Phillips
    no info
Guillermo Breto Rangel
    Senior Data Scientist Think Big, a Teradata Company
Anthony Kesich
    Software Engineer at Facebook
Michael Gardner
    Data Scientist at Teespring
Evan Sangaline
    Founder at Intoli
Samantha Brovko
    Senior Systems Engineer Raytheon
Jiayin Gu
    Postdoc DESY, Germany
Marshall Sebastian Van Zijll
    Postdoc Chemistry UC Davis
Richard Watson Mathematics
    no info
McCullen Sandora
    Postdoc University of Southern Denmark
Dustin Gilbert
    Research Scientist NIST
Jeffrey Paul Hutchinson
    Assistant Professor Florida Gulf Coast University
Amandeep Kaur
    Postdoc UC Davis
Michael Sachs
    Data Science Manager at Radius Intelligence
Ruanchen Dong
    no info
Mi Jiang
    Postdoc Swiss Supercomputing Center
Michael Woods
    Search Quality Software Engineer Yelp
Jeremy Mock
    Controls Software Engineer SLAC
Robert Lynch
    Adjunct Faculty Los Rios Community College District
Mark Triplett
    Engineer Stealth
Yiming Yang
    Postdoc UC Berkeley

Colin Cunliff
    AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow Department of Energy
oshua Cooperman
    Postdoc Bard College
Charles Cox
    Data Scientist at Allstate
Ryan James
    Postdoc Complexity at Large UC Davis
Nicholas Travers Mathematics
    Visiting Assistant Professor Indiana University
Nick apRoberts-Warren
    no info
Abigail Shockley
    Data Scientist at General Motors
Adam Paul Dioguardi
    no info
Albert Greer
    Lecturer at University of the Pacific and Adjunct Professor at Cosumnes River College
Liam Damewood
    Principal Engineer for Machine Learning at LeapYear Technologies
Brian Neal
    Medical Physicist Proton Therapy
Antoinette Stone
    Lecturer and Science Education Researcher UC Merced
Avraham Thaler Thomas
    Cryogenic Process Engineer LLNL
John Felde
    Data Scientist at ProCogia
Renjun Xu
    Senior Manager of Decision Analytics, VISA
Tia Marie Miceli
    Data Scientist at Allstate
Christopher Morrison
    Postdoc Large Synoptic Survey Telescope UW
Nicholas Hall
    Instructor Deerfield Academy
William Dawson
    Research Scientist LLNL
Jason Kaszpurenko
    Data Scientist at Crossover Health
Christopher Miller
    Data Scientist at Hipmunk
Rion Graham
    Data Scientist at Womply
Tyler Otto
    Senior Data Scientist at Reddit

Greg Zeiman
    Postdoc Pennsylvania State University
Rajesh Kommu
    Software Engineer All Weather Inc
Cory Mullet
    Process Engineer at Intel Corporation
Jaspinder Singh
    no info
James Dolen
    Postdoc University at Buffalo
David Cox
    no info
Swapnonil Banerjee
    Independent Research undisclosed company
Hahnbidt Rhee
    Data Science Analyst Quid
Cassandra Paul
    Assistant Professor San Jose State University
Joseph Gran
    Technical Support Lead at AgilOne
Ravindra Nanguneri
    Postdoc University of Illinois at Chicago
David Cone
    College of Letters & Science Dean’s Advisory Council UC Davis
Ryan Applegate
    Sr. Data Scientist Staples
Cara Nichole Maesano
    Research Engineer at INSERM and UPMC
John McRaven
    Forward Deployed Engineer at Palantir Technologies
Alexandra Carley Kopecky
    Assistant Professor at College of DuPage
Hengkui Wu
    CEO of SSymmetry, Inc
Ingrid Neumann
    Energy Specialist California Energy Commission
Owen Dix
    Adjunct Faculty Estrella Mountain Community College
Duk K. Shin
    Principal Software Engineer at Gamut Media

Rosi Reed
    Assistant Professor Lehigh University
Jorge Robles
    Research Scientist at Decision Sciences
Damien Martin
    Data Scientist CodeFights
Chun-Yen Lin
    Postdoc National Central University Taiwan
Maziar Afshar
    Instructor Glendale Community College
Sho Maruyama
    Research associate at Fermilab
Rob Forrest
    Senior Scientist Sandia National Laboratories
Evan Friis
    Software Engineer Google
Jamie F Orr
    Founder and CEO Tahoe Mountain Lab
Sunny Dai
    SRS2 San Francisco
Youval Dar
    Data Scientist at RingCentral
Christopher Ellison
    Software Engineer at Jump Trading
Franziska Hammerath
    Postdoc Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden
Alexander Gray
    Gray Laboratory Temple University
David Lagattuta
    Postdoc Centre de Recherche Astrophysique de Lyon
Michael Shaughnessy
    Machine Learning Team Lead at Appthis
Brian Lemaux
    Postdoc OAMP
Jared Evans
    Postdoc University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ruggero Altair Tacchi
    Director of Data Science Quid
Andrew Kruger
    Data Scientist Strong Analytics
Mark Yoder
    Physicist and Senior Data Scientist at LANDAUER
Natha Hayre
    Founding partner at RTBiQ, Inc.
Stancato David
    Professor Lone Star College
Haiying Cai
    Postdoc Institut de Physique Nucleaire de Lyon
Melinda Sweany
    Sandia National Laboratory
James Bosch
    Postdoctoral and Research Staff Princeton
Ami Choi
    Postdoc Ohio State University
Scooter Johnson
    Research Physicist at Naval Research Laboratory

Augusta Abrahamse
    Science and Technology Advisor Pakistan Energy Office at USAID
Jacqueline Hodge
    Assistant Professor at Leiden University
Abrar Shaukat
    Associate Professor at Yuba College
Konstantin Chudnovskiy
    Software Developer at OSIsoft
Sean Whalen Mahoney
    Research Scientist at the Gladstone Institutes, UCSF
John Mahoney
    Project Scientist at UC Davis
William Johnson
    Staff Scientist Sandia National Laboratories
Yi Cai
    Research Fellow University of Melbourne
Aleksander Zujev
    Visiting Scholar UC Davis
Jamison Galloway
    Associate Director of Business Intelligence & Analytics Columbia University in the City of New York
Yung-Shin Sun
    Assistant Professor at Fu-Jen Catholic University