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What do people think of this edit? Seems like a whitewash to me. —cp

It's a gang of text for sure, how pervasive was the re write? I noticed the first parts seemed similar Daubert

I was watching this occur and question the edits myself. Due to the feelings about this past years' issues, however, I wasn't comfortable making changes with respect singularly to that page. PeteB

Looks like a copy/paste from Wikipedia edits made by the same person, who appears to work in PR/Marketing. —PhilipNeustrom

I guess the question is "undo" (which is easy and would restore the deleted stuff) or "integrate" (in which you'd restore the deleted stuff and find something useful to keep in the new stuff — that's harder). Integrate is probably the right answer, but I don't have the energy/time for it myself. —cp

integration is clearly the answer, but having to deal with the PR machine is going to positively dreadful Daubert


Okay... I wiped and re-integrated everything, including the pro statement in the summary, as I feel it's reasonable (although I think it wasn't when it replaced the other comment). I added back in links and the text that was wholly new. It's not that bad if you chalk the comment deletions up to ignorance (the edit comments show it wasn't done in any kind of sneaky way... just an assumption it was acceptable cleanup). Honestly, when I got done reevaluating all the content, it was a pretty good edit, even if it is done by somebody who had PR in mind. My version and the original edits are awfully close. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards, [email protected]

Thanks, JW. PR Machines make me want to run for the hills. —cp