The Davis area has a few food are links. There was an article featuring several of these blogs in the January 28, 2007 issue of The Davis Enterprise (section C1) if there's an archive out there.

  • Ranked one of the Top 50 Farm Blogs on the web by Seametrics, farmophile chronicles a Davis family's adventures with local farms, farmers and food.
  • Vanilla Garlic by ProtoGarrett. This Davis blog posts very unique and yummy cupcake recipes as well as restaurant reviews and hilarious essays about the author's cat, EatBeast.
  • Something in Season by Brendon. This Davis blog posts gluten-free recipes focusing on seasonal ingredients.
  •  Countryman: Foraging California’s Wild Side This blog posts fish, game, and edible wild plant recipes and associated stories from the woods around Davis, CA.
  • Chucrute com Salsicha by Fernanda Guimaraes Rosa. This Davis blog is written in Portuguese so I can't summarize (don't speak Portuguese), beautiful pictures, though!
  • Crumpet Attack! This Davis blog is written by a high school student who uses many ingredients from her own garden.
  • What Did You Eat? by Sher. This Davis blog discusses...well, "what did you eat?"
  • The Shameless Foodies by Kristen and Brooks. This Davis blog posts restaurant reviews and other culinary adventures.
  • Sacatomato by Ann Martin Rolke and Jennifer Cliff. This blog posts all food things Sacramento, lots of events listed.
  • Simply Recipes by Elise Bauer. This Sacramento-area food blog was recently voted Best Food Blog Overall in the 2006 Food Blog Awards.
  • Pears and Plums by Laura. This blog by a local Davis resident posts about traditional foods (organic foods, grass-fed beef, raw milk, pastured-poultry, and more =)
  • The Quarter-Acre Farm "Growing Food and Eating Well" - "How I Kept the Patio, Lost the Lawn, and Fed My Family for A year"
  • RollingsReliable by OliviaY - A baking/cooking blog by local Daviswikian who tries out both her own recipes and recipes from a vast collection of cookbooks.
  • Toxic Foodie by a UC Davis food toxicology undergrad! A food blog with a twist! Giving you the 411 on what's in the food you eat!

If anyone can pretty up this list, please do. Please add more links to the list as you discover them!

There is even a Local Food Week.