Wyatt Deck, Davis Arboretum
Sunday July 31st, 2011 7pm to 9pm
officiated by Casadh an Gealach
Anything comfortable. Ritual robes, jeans, bathing suits, and prom dresses all welcome! Wear autumn colors if you’d like (orange, green, gold, etc.). We will be outdoors!
The only think you need to bring is you! But you are welcome to bring something to share or put on our altar.

Come join local coven Casadh an Gealach as we celebrate Lughnasadh. Lughnasadh is a Celtic harvest festival, honoring the Irish sun god Lugh. It is a time where we break bread with friends family and our community and share the bounty of the earth.

We welcome anyone and everyone and encourage questions, curiosity, and fun! We are an easy-going, open group of priests and priestesses who want to share this beautiful holiday, food*, and merriment with the community.

If you have questions or need directions email us at [email protected]

*We will have gluten free and vegan breads and snacks. If you have another dietary concern or allergy, please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate you!


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