The James B Boyd London Gas Lamp is visible in the background

MU Bus Area Phone #1 on the Campus Payphones node

Phone Number: (530) 756-9903

Location: This phone sits in the bus stop area of the Memorial Union.

Description: This beautiful British-style phone sits surrounded by a cozy patch of grass. Buses whirl by, taking students to and from Campus as you chat away. Perfect for impromptu phone calls and late-night rendezvous. Also, if you're a super-hero, this is the perfect phone booth to change into your costume in. The door of the phone booth was removed during Feburary of 2005, but returned in March.

Charge: 50 cents for local calls.

Closeup of the booth

One time I was out of cell-phone battery and I used this phone to call a friend. Once you're inside it (with the door closed) you feel like you're in a British spy movie. I love the rough feel of the telephone booth and how heavy the metal door is. - PhilipNeustrom

Summer Advisors used to (and perhaps still do) use this phone booth as a lame icebreaker by egging the Freshmen into stuffing as many of themselves into it as they can simultaneously. - TravisGrathwell

I saw this happen over this past summer. I guess that's as close as you can come to "still do" — KenBloom


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2007-06-14 01:49:52   Anyone know the phone booth stuffing record? All a Unitrans driver could tell me was 13 Frat boys —AlexMandel