This page includes references to the older Wikispot format (on which DavisWiki ran for many years).  These references may no longer apply to the current Localwiki format.


Wiki mapping

Mapping for DavisWiki can currently be done here.  Check out the Mapping Guide for more information.

Pages were mapped a little differently under the old WikiSpot format. See Help with Maps on the Wiki Spot hub for instructions on the older format.

General Davis map information

The city of Davis has maintained a rather extensive collection of useful and interesting maps over at their Geographic Information System site. The downloadable map layers page is especially useful for the wiki. You can download .zip files containing layer files, which you can view with:

These files contain a lot of useful data. For instance: the parks file contains the locations/shapes of all the parks, size of all the parks, and their names.

Among the most interesting are the 2005 aerial photos, which you can download individually in high resolution or browse seamlessly using flash.

The Unitrans route map is likely the most useful to students, though.

The city also has a bike map available in PDF form. This map shows bike paths in addition to city streets.

OpenStreetMap has very good coverage of Davis, and you can improve it too.


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2007-06-11 18:57:32   So what page does one go to view an overview map of all wiki locations? —AlexMandel

Right now you can't. But it's planned.

2007-06-16 20:11:36   exactly? If we are using google maps now... then.... how do we use it? Can we link it to each page like it used to be. This was one of my favorite features of the wiki. —CarlosBarahona

2007-06-16 20:41:07   Maybe a kml file could be available for download? —JasonAller

2007-11-05 21:11:46   I'm currently working to integrate a new solution. I have a plan and all, anyone want to help me out? —AlexMandel

2009-04-29 12:52:58   I miss the old Dwiki map. It was not the best one, but at least it was something. Why did it go? —JoePomidor

2012-06-04 13:55:24   When will we get the "bee's knees"?