SneakPeek Math -A Partnership of Parents, Kids and Teachers
Clare Bawden-Credentialed K-8 Teacher
[email protected]
Grades 1-5

The Problem: I have been teaching for 19 years and have tutored kids in Davis for the last 4 years. The most common request I get from parents is help with math, and specifically with the adopted math program for the Davis Joint Unified School District. Ever since the homework guidelines changed, students are primarily given math homework because it fits neatly into the required minutes, and the extra practice at home is needed. So parents are doing a lot of math assistance without a textbook to refer to and often without knowing what is coming up. A few concepts are taught differently than when we were kids. There aren't that many, but they're the biggies—multiplication, division etc.—and parents are bound to be confused by the new methods.

The Solution: If your child is anxious about math, this is where I can help. I have started a remote math tutoring service that includes contacting your child's teacher to find out what sections are being covered. I then email 10-15 minute preview (SneakPeek) lessons that give your child a heads-up about what is coming up in math. This can be a game changer for kids who have lost confidence. The goal is to have your child walk into math class with a head start, just like college professors do for their students by posting lectures online. I also provide math game and app suggestions that correspond with the unit they are working on.