Matt Huerta Matt Huerta was ASUCD President from Winter 2000 until Spring 2001 and an ASUCD Senator from Fall 1999 to Fall 2000. He was a founder of the LEAD slate. Matt Huerta stayed in office almost a quarter longer due to the controversy surrounding the election of the Winter 2001 LEAD slate.

During his time in ASUCD office Matt advocated for rent stabilization, institutionalized funding for Diversity Days (now Multi-Cultural Night), worked on student-police relations, secured funding for the R.E.A.C.H. retreat & Club Finance Council, successfully stopped several attempts to pass the Open Container Ordinance (which was later passed in 2004), UC divestment from sweatshop-made clothing, and an "Aggie Olympics" which raised over $10,000 for Cal Aggie Camp.

Matt was also involved with the Educational Opportunity Program, S.T.E.P., the Progressive Student Coalition, and the creation of the R.E.A.C.H. retreat.

Matt now lives in Salinas, CA where he is on the City's planning commission. He makes his living developing affordable housing in and around Salinas.


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