Matt Provencher was an ASUCD Senator. He was elected in the Fall 2010 ASUCD Election running on the BOLD slate.

Candidate Statement

Hello Everyone! My name is Matt Provencher and I’m a third year Economics major from Santa Clara, CA. I’m a former Men’s Soccer player and Student-Athlete Advisory Council representative. Additionally, I’m a member of the Academic Affairs Commission and the Davis Honors Challenge.

I decided to run for ASUCD Senate because I’m passionate about making life easier, safer, and more enjoyable for my fellow students. In my last two years on campus, I’ve found that many of the students that I talk to are clueless about what ASUCD does. In my opinion this isn’t caused by student apathy, but rather because ASUCD largely fails to do things that matter to the average student. If elected to Senate, I will do everything in my power to change this by working towards the following goals:

PUT PEER-TUTORING ONLINE: Anybody who has had Professor Bryan Enderle for Chemistry will know how effective a study tool his online tutorials are. If elected, I want to film peer-tutors doing problems and answering questions in a variety of subjects and put them online so that they can be used as a free resource for students.

EXPAND AND IMPROVE TIPSY TAXI: Tipsy Taxi is a unit that has the potential to be an excellent student resource. Sadly, clogged telephone lines and the restrictive nature of its cash-only policy have kept it from being all that it can be. My running-mate Andre Lee and I want to change that. If elected, we will improve Tipsy Taxi by: incorporating a reservation process; creating text, internet, and smartphone services through which students can get service; and enable students to pay using their credit or UC Davis ID cards in addition to cash.

PUBLISH TEACHER EVALUATIONS ONLINE: At the end of every quarter, we, as students, are commissioned with the evaluation of the performance of our professors. Motivated by the vague promise that these evaluations actually do matter, we fill out the questionnaires only to see them disappear into oblivion. As a senator, my goal would be to compile these evaluations into a profile for each teacher so that students can make an educated decision about which teacher best fits their learning style.

EXTEND TAILGATING TO MORE SPORTS: Tailgating is a great way to both support UC Davis’ sports teams and to foster a sense of community on our campus. As a senator, I would work to extend tailgating to sports like Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, and Water Polo to highlight all of the great exploits of our talented athletes and foster the Aggie Pride that UC Davis is known for.

Let’s make this campus better, together.

Vote MATT PROVENCHER #1 for ASUCD Senate and BOLD #2-5


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2010-11-04 09:19:40   Hey, congrats on the endorsement. I was just reading your platforms and thought I could give you some advice about the online professor evaluations platform, as I worked on that during my year as VP. I could probably give you some starting off advice and tell you what issues you would have to overcome, because there are some serious challenges with that issue. Shoot me an email at [email protected] if you want to chat. Best of luck in the election. —ChrisDietrich