Melvin Carter, known as the "College Terrace Rapist," confessed to nearly a hundred rapes during the 1970s in the Bay Area, including assaults in Davis, Stockton, and Berkeley. He was eventually captured in Palo Alto.

His release in 1996 sparked outrage and the creation of the Atascadero program, a intensive-treatment program for violent sexual offenders. This program was investigated by the Sacramento Bee and found to be ineffective.

Carter currently is living in Leicester, in upstate New York. New York State law does not allow Carter to be added to the sex offender registry, so he has been living undetected in this rural community since 2003. He lives a short distance from SUNY Geneseo, a New York State college with a large population of female students. Carter rides his bike to work in Geneseo every day. His path takes him right by the SUNY Geneseo campus. He frequently rides around the York, Leicester, and Geneseo areas. On a side note, the president of SUNY Geneseo does not allow the college police officers to carry weapons.

This story was broken by Kyle Clark, a reporter with 13 WHAM-TV and can be found here.