Love it or hate it, Davis has intertwined itself in a number of Internet memes.

  • Linda Katehi/The Pepper Spray incident - The school's disgraced ex-chancellor, the pepper spray incident, and her subsequent use of tuition money to scrub references to it on the internet, is potentially the school's greatest meme to date.
  • Cows - Yes, Gunrock is the school mascot and he is a horse, but ask anyone and they'll tell you our real mascot is one of the many cows we have on campus.
  • Sac State - Sacramento State is our unofficial rival from across the causeway. Making fun of Sac State for being an easy school for stupid people is an annual pastime at UCD.
  • The Davis Urban Turkey - In 2017, the police had several calls about an aggressive turkey hanging out in downtown who chased and attacked people and refused to let them leave their cars.
  • Dick Waver - This person is something of a time lord who reincarnates every so often to have his genitals out in front of some poor, unsuspecting people, usually at night and often in the arboretum . He's never malicious, just creepy. Many a Crime Alert has been sent about Dick Waver. If you ever get an "indecent exposure" crime alert, it's probably DW at it again.
  • Butt Slapper - Another crime alert legend, this man rides around on his bikes and slaps women on the butt as he rides by. Drive-by slappings, if you will. He has been in hiding for a few years now, but for a while, he'd appear on multiple crime alerts in a short period of time. It is not known if Butt Slapper is a re-incarnating shapeshifter like DW is.
  • John Pike
  • Ackerman resigned. — how is this a meme? — It's a UCDLJ thing, or at least it used to be. Unless you show the meme, no one but insiders will know wtf you are talking about. I certainly don't know wtf you are talking about. UCDLJ is pretty dead and has been for some time.
  • UC Logo

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