The Memorial Union Art Gallery (CLOSED) was an art gallery located on the 2nd floor of the Memorial Union. The Art Gallery featured a changing series of exhibitions devoted primarily to contemporary and historical California Art. All exhibitions were free of charge, and were intended to compliment and enhance the educational and cultural activities available to the campus community.

In the late 2000s, it was open Mon-Friday 7AM-10PM and was open 24 hours during finals season. The MU Art Lounge was known to be a place for students to enjoy a variety of art exhibits through out the year while studying or eating. It was also a great place to catch up on sleep from studying as it was the most quietest lounge with comfortable seating. The Art Gallery had a variety of newspapers, magazines, and a large collection of records and CDs. 


Entrance of Art GalleryThe Memorial Union Art Gallery began as "The Painting of the Month" in the 1950s featuring the work of the Art Department faculty and students. An enclosed gallery was established on the fourth floor of the expanded Memorial Union Tower in 1966. In 1981, the Memorial Union Art Gallery and Music and Periodicals Center were combined and relocated in a well-designed professional exhibition space on the second floor of the building. In 2008, the Art Gallery was transformed into the Art Lounge on the second floor of the MU and remained there until it closed prior to 2012.

To see a collection of the Memorial Union Art Gallery Records from 1970-2008 please see the university's archive collection. The collection contains exhibit files which include artist information, press releases, correspondence between artists and the Gallery Manager, installation notes, publicity materials, exhibit catalogs, and slides

Previous Mission Statement: "The Memorial Union Art Gallery provides an ongoing program of exhibitions and special events from a broad spectrum of viewpoints, that contributes to the aesthetic and educational goals of the university, and creates educational opportunities for students within a museum setting."



Exhibition Dates: June 2 - June 23, 2006"An exhibition of works by students graduating with an MFA in Studio Arts and Textile Arts and Costume Design. "


Kara D'Angelo
"Legs." 2002
Wire, Dyed Silk, Thread 26" x 40" x 45"


Exhibition Dates: Apr. 17 - May 21, 2004:  The Eve Aesthetic: Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture by
Artists from TB9, 1963 - 2003

Unknown Artwork showcased

Inside the Art Gallery