The Memorial Union Community Mural is located on the temporary wall surrounding the Coho kitchen during renovations. The email for contact on the mural is [email protected]

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2010-06-04 11:50:19   I always thought it was just random graffiti but I was confused because there is an email address so the person who left the graffiti would have been caught. —hankim

2010-06-11 03:51:19   i was stenciling on the night of Friday, June 11, 2010 when I was stopped by cops. They jacked my spray paint, cuffed me, finger printed me, got my name address, phone, student id, parent's names and addresses , and made me walk hope without my bike even after I explained that the wall was legal to decorate. The email got covered and so I couldn't prove anything. —lickedwicked

  • Not too many people work on murals in the middle of the night. Everything looks suspicious at that time. If this is supposed to be a legitimate mural, why not work on it in broad daylight? —hankim

2010-06-11 04:09:01   It was either that or go drinking and the cops gave me shit for it. —lickedwicked