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Michael A. Molnar's Statement: Ignite Slate

My name is Michael A. Molnar, but most know me as Molnar. I am a third year Economics, International Relations double major with above a 3.00 GPA. I own my own business doing landscaping and gardening for professors, I am a brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon and I am part of University Covenant Church of Davis. My hometown is Oceanside, CA.

I am going to be a real leader who takes risks. That might mean that I have to go all the way to the chancellor or the Regents, but I am willing to go to them if that is what it takes to fight for the students. I will be different from the rest. I am not going to sit around once the campaign is over. I continue to see that many of our senators do not have a passion for student issues, but instead have a desire to have a resume booster. That is why I created the slate Ignite, because I feel that the two main parties are failing UC Davis.

  • I am tired of the short Christmas and spring breaks. All the other UC quarter schools have longer breaks. Why do we not start on Monday’s at the beginning of the winter and spring quarters? Why do we only get five days off for spring break? I am annoyed with this system. I will go all the way to the chancellor and even the Regents to change this short break policy at UC Davis.
  • The buses stop running at 7PM on Fridays. Therefore, parking should be free on campus after 7PM on Fridays. This would increase opportunities for clubs to use our campus, which would benefit our community.
  • Other slates promised wireless printing last year, but I still cannot print from my laptop. I want to make this a reality for students. This would reduce lines in the computer labs.
  • I would like to see another 24-hour reading room so students can have seats during finals.
  • I want to employ my economic knowledge to the spending of campus funds. Currently the money allocated to ASUCD is being managed unwisely. I desire to change this.

Take it from a leader; I know how to be a senator and I am passionate about initiating change that will better UC Davis for ages to come. On Election Day, vote for a student who cares, VOTE MOLNAR, VOTE IGNITE!

Visit his home page on: MichaelMolnar (page no longer available)

Visit Ignite

Molnar a ASUCD Senator (placed 1st), he works in construction/landscaping around Davis to provide for school. Also, in the future, he may have some interships with State agencies, including the Governator. He is also applying to Officer Navy Supply School now, which is very competitive.

* Please don't write name-ruining comments (unless I say something during a senate meeting which is recorded and you disagree with or I do something illegal, which I will not ) because in this day of age, people can lose a job offer from a simple google search (it has happened to UC Davis Students already). I don't think that is what wiki is for, for people to lose future opportunities from google searches online. That is totally unfair, especially when information is not from a valid source. I appreciate the respect. -Senator Molnar

-If you feel otherwise, tell me and we can discuss. I am a Senator, I know how to get along with people, especially if they disagree with me because I usually disagree with most of the Senate. However, at the end of the day, we are still friends. That is how politics should be, friends who disagree and can still get along with each other, but are not nasty during elections b/c that sucks.


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2006-02-24 16:24:04   You have to work with the Registrar to change the academic calendar. There is a committee set up to decide calendars three years in advance and there should be better student representation on it. Good luck with everything! —AdamBarr

2006-02-25 18:12:51   Congrats on the win, I am tired of the 2 other parties and I am glad a new voice can be heard. You are now the "Dark Horse" in student politics at Davis. But great job on the flyers and your campaign. —JoshDean

2006-04-26 00:35:43   Hey, did you find anything out about the junction? —ArlenAbraham

2006-12-02 19:30:08   Which is exactly what I commented on the Ignite page. The school calender is different each year and there was absolutely no difference made by you or ignite. What I'm asking is whether you "tried" to do anything about it for the future, like you said you would. —ES