1621 Oak Avenue Suite A
Mon, Tue, Thu 7am-4pm
(530) 758-8668

Michelle Miller, DDS practices dentistry.

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2005-11-10 14:13:04   I have gone to Dr. Miller for almost six years. She is a fantastic dentist, and her hygienists are equally good. They're all good about explaining what they are doing and making sure you are comfortable. I've learned a lot about my teeth and healthy practices. They also use cool digital x-rays that are much easier than the old photo films! Highly Recommended. —MattJurach

2006-01-28 17:35:39   Great dentist. She saved me big bucks, pain and inconvenience by doing a beautifully crafted filling instead of a crown. Highly recommended. —GrumpyoldGeek

2006-04-11 10:46:55   Dr. Miller is a dream come true. She's the best medical professional I've ever had as a patient, across the board. She's super funny, friendly, and keeps up with all the newest gadgetry. I've had two dental emergencies during non-business hours, and Dr. Miller's office not only called me back immediately, but managed to accommodate me with an appointment the next business day. Who does that?!? In addition to all that makes her a wonderful dentist, she is by far the best professional I've ever encountered with a needle. She has the slightest touch, so that you don't even know you're getting Novocaine. I swear. I highly recommend Dr. Miller, and I swear your mouth will thank you. =) —MegSmith

2006-05-25 22:26:40   Dr. Miller and her hygienists are wonderful. I had a visit several months ago and it was nothing but pleasant. Dr. Miller will call you herself, talk with you—the whole shebang. Her hygienists are knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Great people, great place. —EliseKane

2006-11-20 08:55:27   Dr. Miller is fabulous. My rather large filling was loose and she re-filled the tooth perfectly instead of giving me a crown, which is what another dentist had recommended. She is *very* accomodating with times, and even called me a week after the appointment to check on the filling to make sure it was comfortable and everything had healed properly. Highly recommend. —JulieVanderzeeuw

2006-11-20 23:03:52   Dr. Miller is the best dentist I've ever seen. —JaimeRaba

2007-02-19 20:25:37   I had my first cleaning w/ Dr. Miller today, and it was great. I learned more than I ever have at any other dentist. What a deal! —CaptainRush

2007-04-05 14:00:53   Michelle is absolutely amazing I have never had a dentist check my teeth so thoroughly. The first day she cleaned my teeth and even sat and went through my x-rays with me so I could get doctor/personal view. She's efficient and really focuses on quality. —CTai

2007-04-30 15:06:40   Dr. Miller is fantastic. Like many people I have hated going to the dentist for my entire life, but I actually look forward to seeing Dr. Miller and her hygienists! She's nice, funny, and explains everything (and I mean everything) that she's doing or is going to do to your teeth. She never lectures or makes you feel guilty or ashamed about any dental problems you might have. I have totally lost my fear of the dentist! —RubyRoo

2007-10-23 12:01:44   After hearing lots of horror stories about dentists in Davis, I was really worried about picking one. I put my faith in the Wikizens and decided to visit Dr. Miller based on the reviews here, and I was not disappointed. She was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. I will definitely see her again, and recommend her to friends. —MattCzarnowski

2008-05-23 23:50:20   Dr. Miller is the best! My husband went to see her after a very expensive crown was suggested as the only option. She reviewed his options and he decided to go for a filling which is more conservative vs crown more agressive treatment. He loved her so much he sent her flowers...that's saying a lot! —jmpember

2008-12-18 15:29:37   Dr. Miller is wonderful. When a filling cracked literally an hour before a flight out of town, she met with me for a quick temporary patch. She always explains the procedures she's doing, and makes the patient's comfort a priority. —BrianNeal

2009-01-16 15:21:07   I've always hated dentists. Dr. Miller and her staff are remarkable. I have felt supported and empowered to get my teeth well. She really does have a wonderful practice. —AHoffmann

2009-03-10 10:31:55   Let me begin by saying that I have had quite a bit of dental work done over the years (I even spent a couple of years having work done at a dental school). So, I have had a good number of dentists throughout my life, many who were quite good. I have been a patient of Dr. Miller's for a couple of years now and Dr. Miller is definitely the best dentist I have had (and by a fairly solid margin). Her practice epitomizes skill and professionalism. Thank you. I can unequivocally recommend Dr. Miller. —mlgoodson

2009-03-10 11:19:20   I've also been a long-time patient of Dr. Miller, and agree with all the positive reviews of her. She and the hygienists (the one who always does my cleaning is. . . Rose? I think? You'd think I'd know her name by now) all work to make you very comfortable; even when giving you advice that know you should be doing anyway (read: flossing) they never make you feel *bad* about it. I remember back to an appointment on the morning of 9/11, just after the WTC attacks. Office was full, radio was on and the bandwidth gorged with news. Clearly people (staff and patients both) were nervous about the whole thing. Dr. Miller saw this, and simply asked to turn the radio off. I've always appreciated that, and think it shows how much she strives for a relaxing environment. —KevinChin

2009-04-01 09:39:40   She is supposed to be amazing but currently does not take new patients. Definitely try her first but be ready to be referred. —jsg718

2010-03-06 12:09:00   My family (with 2 young kids) likes Dr. Michelle Miller for general family practice. She has been friendly and not condescending like other dentists. Her recommendations have been thoughtful and focused on what is good for us, as patients. Its been a good choice for us. —kihyoplee

2010-07-12 10:12:45   Came to Dr Miller a few years ago when a filling broke. She was very helpful and explained some problems with the way some of my fillings were done. She is helpful, caring, and honest (especially about the cost). Easily the best dentist I've ever had. —JasonGrebenkemper

2012-08-27 11:48:33   I've been a patient of Dr. Miller's for several years, and she is easily the best dentist I've been to. She takes time to explain any procedures, and whether or not you really need them, which I really appreciate. For students, she is part of Delta Dental Premier, which means there will be some out of pocket costs if you're on SHIP. —NancyPants