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Comment by Joseph Covino Jr removed due to derogatory personal comments. See edit history for details. —DS

I am going to revert Dons removal when I'm off mobile. No names were dropped no racism our outright attacks just opinion that isn't nice. Davis wiki isn't censored because you're feelings are hurt this person us exiting y with a real

and a 'talk' page reply that begins with "I am going to revert Dons removal" will get the following reply from me: I am going to revert Stephen's revert. So talk, don't revert, please. Do we allow people to make disparaging comments about the appearance of staff at stores in Davis? You're ok with that? I'm not. Since there is a long-standing Wiki tradition that we don't edit comments, I removed it and went to the Talk page. No, it is not my decision to make. It is a collective decision. Until that decision is agreed, I believe belittling descriptions of anybody do not belong on the Wiki. —Don

—- In my opinion, the barista was just doing her job. Needless to say, she (or anyone else) must not be judged/scrutinized on her blue (or "bluish") hair and appearance. To me, it doesn't seem pleasant for her when people (seek to) recognize her at Mishka's Cafe on the basis of the negative description of ... on Davis Wiki. ConstantiaOomen

* I think the comment is ridiculous and makes the commenter sound more foolish than anything else. But it is that person's opinion that they were rudely "accosted" by the experience, so I would vote to restore it. —ScottMeehleib

  • I agree with Scott. It makes the commenter look worse than the employee. I think it should stay, as petty as I think it is. —Davidlm