Mo Li was an unsuccessful candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Winter 2006 ASUCD Election.

Candidate Statement (sic)

This is my name: Mo Li I'm running for senate.

This is my statement: Read this gosh darn it!!!!! It took me the whole 30 minutes between my Soc 1 midterm, which I just bombed, and the deadline to turn this in

Who AM I : When it comes down to it, I'm the best kind of person there is. Does that sound cocky? Well I'm probably a little arrogant and vain too. It's really the hair that does it, but seriously, look at the picture .Right???!!!! I was born in China, a crazy place far far away. I moved here after the Tiananmen Square protests to escape poverty, but I think China's economy is actually doing pretty well now. IF you don't know what that is, you probably have seen the picture of the dude standing in front of the tank. crazy communists! I grew up in LA, where I became socialized in the ways of America. I learned to eat hamburgers holding the back of the burger to that the patty doesn't slip out onto your jeans. LA is a crazy place. Living in Downtown LA was nuts, homeless people everywhere, maybe that's why I have so many deviants and miscreants as friends these days, no offense friends. None taken, Right? I have horrible grammer, and my organizationtional skills in writing are horrible. We eventually moved into the suburbs. The suburbs are crazy. I learned Karate, and football, and wrestling. And traveled back to china. And also to Europe, and also to southeast asia. Sumatra is a Crazy place. Now I'm studying wildife biology, the love of my life, sorry schladies. Shiggity Shwhat. I play rugby too. I have absolutely no experience whatsoever in being a senator. This means I'm honest. So I can't get your vote by telling you how I'm going to make this school better. I, like you, have no idea how this school is run, I've never talked to a senator about what issues are taking place, and where our money is going nor did I care. I can relate in this ignorance and apathy. Lets all make it better!!!!Mo Li.

  • I just read this again. This is the funniest shit ever. I sorta want to go back in time and vote Mo Li #1. -PaulHarms