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Moving the following comment to a Talk page because it has nothing to do with the law firm, but rather a personal property.

2011-09-29 14:11:51   Raphael S. Moore was the landlord to my house and he returned only 60% of a 2500 dollar deposit after he had done a thorough walkthrough and pointed out that the only things that needed to be cleaned were the lights and the screens. Be very careful when leasing property from this office! —dougman

  • I'm confused about the phrase "from this office." If RM is leasing properties from the law office (??) then the comment does seem relevant to the page. —CovertProfessor
    • That would clarify it for me, however, I'm not totally sure that a side business wouldn't bleed over regardless. Not 100% certain it should, either. There's not enough details about how distinct they are to make a call. If it is being run out of the same office, I'd would say keep it. -jw
  • was the discussion about the cleaning in writing? Were you billed for paint? Did you receive an itemized list of deductions within 31 days of your lease expiring? Were you on a lease? Daubert

I appreciate everyone’s comments. This indeed has nothing to do with our law practice. It’s just a personal rental we own. We do not manage rental properties for clients in any way, and do not lease properties from our law office.

For clarification, we hardly ever withhold deposit funds, and give tenants every opportunity to get every dime back. We do a pre-walk-through to point items out, do a final walk-through, and even then give the residents a chance to avoid costs. In this case, the bulk of what was withheld was $440 for city utilities that the tenants were responsible for under the written lease but never paid. Another $369 were repairs and replacement of two track lights that the tenants burned out completely (each halogen bulb enclosure was charred black, apparently because they tried replacing bulbs with the wrong wattage), damage to wood trim and wall from water being splashed from the shower for months causing the wood to rot away, and replacing a broken towel rack and related wall repair. There were a number of other items, all fully itemized, including $110 in house cleaning (the tenants knew it had to be done but opted not to finish on their own because they ran out of time). We even had to pay $80 to haul a mass of furniture and trash the tenants left behind, again after first being told they should remove their debris on their own to avoid the added cost. We didn’t even charge for the removal of a fence they put out without permission, blocking access to the side of the house. We gave a timely itemized statement, with every receipt by every service provider, detailing each and every charge, as legally required.

While we work with tenants to avoid any costs whatsoever, if they don’t want to cooperate, if they decide it is easier to leave things behind, or they decide not to repair their damage, they end-up paying for it from their deposit. Ordinarily, our tenants have no issues, we are very responsive to their needs, and indeed they often renew year after year.

— Raphael Moore