This page is for archiving comments from 2007 for Moshi Moshi.

2007-01-25 12:30:45 Good sushi, as we all know, is hard to find. Like finding a needle in a haystack the size o' yo mama. Seriously, it's a daunting task. You go through nasty California rolls. Sick sashimi. Flacid and mushy edamame. It's a mission filled with pit falls, disappointment, and possibly food poisoning.

But when you find something that works, it's like angels freakin' sing.

That's what I've found at Moshi Moshi. Sure there are great places in Sacramento like Mikuni's and Dragonfly, but let's be honest, the sushi selection in Dixon, Woodland, and Davis is just paltry. Moshi Moshi truly quenches one's thirst in a sushiless desert.

They can be pretty packed, and they may ask your for reservations so you may want to call ahead and make them. If you get there a bit early though I wouldn't worry. I've never been turned away, even when I showed up with four co-workers all without reservations.

We were all wet and cold that day, and were happy with the prospect of bowls of well prepared miso soup and shibby individual pots of green tea, all coming in at $1 each. For an astoundingly cheap price, we were all able to cut the could right out of us.

The sushi is varied and innovative, and while time honored staples are present (spider rolls, California rolls, veggie rolls, and so on) a plethora of vivaciously colored and supremely prepared dishes are available. I myself had a spicy tuna roll, known there as the Zero Roll. Big pieces of extremely fresh tuna were rolled with cucumber and topped with paper-thin fillets of avocado. It was all generously served with a potent chili sauce that pointedly delivered blazing spice but not heat; a balance very few restaurants seem to be able to meet.

The sashimi was apparently to die for. My friend Cara seemed to be soley entranced with each bite and had to be roused ouy of a trance so we could gather her opinion. "Wonderful," was her only response before she would delve into the next pink jewel of fish. As an avid sushi fanatic, this approval is golden.

My friend David had ordered the Green Dragon Roll, a decadently sweet unagi based roll. The unagi (eel) had been tempura fried, and while I myself can be picky with it, this was melt in your mouth good. Rich, sweet, and just a little bit salty it almost felt like this roll could qualify as a dessert. The mix of textures from the buttery avocado, delicious give of the rice, and the crunchy soft and slightly oily taste of unagi, decadent sauce and pops of seasame all created a gustatory image that trasnported you to teahouse in Kyoto.

Bento box lunch specials are pleasing as well. For about $7 you score a mixed green salad with a pepper vinegarette, rice, huge helping of your main dish liek teriyaki chicken, and a small 6 piece sushi roll. The potions are filling and leave you pleasantly satiated. Sushi detractors will be happy here as well, as there is enough on the menu to please anyone with an avarice towards raw fish, so feel free to drag them along.

With all sushi freshly prepared, and with such attention to intricate details, you may have a small wait. Nothing horrid, but you may wonder if the chef fell down and broke a hip or something. Luckilly the staff is very approachable so feel free to ask any questions about your order, or if you have yet to order they'll happily guide you through the menu. There's even a board with the most popular menu items, specials, and new menu items to help guide you through your choice.

Overall, Moshi Moshi is, in my opinion, the only place to eat sushi in Davis. They have a new loyal customer as will they with everyone who sits down to a warm bowl of miso. —ProtoGarrett

2007-02-06 12:45:43 Moshi Moshi has good sushi, but just not as good as Zen Toro. —AvilaVoom

2007-02-06 13:32:44 If you want quantity for cost, go to Fuji Chef. If you want quality, go to Moshi Moshi. Probably the best Japanese food and sushi in Davis. I believe there used to be a Japanese sushi chef, and his presentation was a bit better then the present, but overall it's quality is better then the others. Do not go to Jusco. Food took forever, and it was pretty awful. —SueJones

2007-04-13 13:30:03 When I went to Moshi Moshi with a friend and my boyfriend, the place was still fairly new. The waitress was rather clueless and ended up mixing up our orders—but we stuck it out. After all, how different can teriyaki be? The teriyaki was very, very sour, as if they accidentally put the rice vinegar in the sauce instead of their sushi rice. My boyfriend and I ended up with horrible stomach pains for the rest of the night—and my boyfriend has a strong stomach. We're putting off Moshi Moshi for now, as we're a little scared to go back. Hopefully they've improved and are actually using teriyaki instead of balsamic vinegar for their dishes. —AbbYu

"When it was fairly new" was 4 or 5 years ago. My understanding is that they've improved significantly since then. —JessicaLuedtke

2007-05-02 12:53:15 One of the best japanese restaurants i've been to in Davis. their Diana Roll is great and they have a very friendly, outgoing staff. Most of their rolls are inventive and creative. Definitely reccomend this place to any sushi lover =) —trambajuice

2007-06-06 16:55:10 I love this place. My only complaint is that the service can be a bit slow, but the atmosphere is so mellow that it doesn't matter that much. And the food kicks ass. —GabeDavis

2007-06-13 21:15:05 Tried this place for the first time tonight. The food was good, but it came slowly (although the waitress did warn us that the sushi bar was backed up). We had the Diana Roll (which was great) and the Sakura Roll, which was tasty but very, very spicy hot. The Sakura Roll was supposed to be spicy, but it was painfully HOT. I'm not even wimpy about spice. I'd not recommend that roll unless you are really into having things HOT. —LeslieCooper

2007-06-22 20:36:36 I enjoy eating here. The servers are very nice. I probably get the Mango Roll too often. I've never had a bad roll. Never tried much of anything else. (Well, I tried a sake bomb without considering the laws of displacement discovered by Archimedes so long ago, but that was my fault.) —MisterProfessor

2007-07-11 17:14:56 I came here with a couple of my friends and the sushi rolls here were pretty good. (i had the zero hour roll i think) 2 of my friends dont like sushi but they did enjoy their dishes (i think teriyaki chicken and udon or something like that) —JoeLow

2007-07-22 18:25:01 This restarant was not bad, however it is expensive. Fairly good selection. —AlexandraDeGrange

2007-08-10 10:46:24 I have a new favorite sushi place and it's Moshi Moshi. After trying their Edamame, Miso, O.J. Dragon Roll and Negihamma Maki, I'm convinced they have the best fish (and Japanese food) in Davis. They are a little on the pricey side, but the portions are generous; keep an eye peeled for my ebay auctions which will be needed to fund my (newly acquired) Moshi Moshi habit. —VladLoscutoff

2007-08-30 01:03:55 I always sit at the bar, I always ask the chef what's fresh, and I always enjoy my sushi. Case closed. —PaulHarms

2007-11-08 22:30:34 so i went there today..and we got there around hour later..the waitress says sauce got all over all three of our sushi dishes...thats why there was such a long delay...while all the other people who came in after us got their food immediately...? anyways i ordered the passion roll...preety decent...the philly roll..way too much avocado..and cream cheese overpowered the whole taste...then the B.S.C can you mess up a simple california roll with baked scallops on top? well i guess some people like it..cause i gave it to my friend and he finished the whole but yea this place is ok...miso soup is a dollar so i guess if your really hungry for some cheap soup eat here..otherwise id recommend zen toro for sushi..this place is eh... —MAIRA

2007-11-10 13:53:48 I came here with friends for a late dinner. All I have to say is that the waitresses (Sunday evenings) are gorgeous. The chefs seem lively and friendly. This place is probably on the same level or just below Zen Toro, so prices are kind of high. A friend of mine paid 9 dollars for a Volcano Roll, and he got 4 pieces. My other two friends ordered donburi and commented that they weren't full. But that's expected from a quality Japanese restaurant as opposed to like Jusco or Fuji Chef. Come for the waitresses, stay for the waitresses. —CoreyPham

2007-11-16 01:15:28 i will NEVER ever go to this sushi place again. i went with my friend a week and a day ago. it took over an hour to make a passion roll, philly roll and a baked scallop roll. the waitress told us that there was a mix up in sauces and thats why all our rolls came so late, which i think was bull. the passion roll was decent. the philly roll was disgusting, might as well eat cream cheese. the baked scallop cali roll(BSC roll)..was not good. i didnt like the infinite amount of fish eggs sprinkled on top of it. i didnt even thing the california roll was even close to decent. i highly, HIGHLY recommend zen toro. you would definitely get your money's worth. —jentruong

2007-11-17 23:15:52 I'm gonna have to side with jen on this one... my sister and I visited Moshi Moshi last weekend and it was probably one of the more disappointing visits I have had to a sushi restaurant. After reading all of these glowing reviews about how great this place is, I was initially very excited to take my sister for my first Moshi Moshi experience.

My sister and I got there around 2:00 PM and there were hardly any people at all, so we sat down right away. Our waitress was nice; however, after placing our order (B.S.C. roll, Diana roll, Spicy Tuna roll, and the Volcano roll) we waited about 40 minutes to get our food. There were several takeout orders that came AFTER we sat down that received their food.

The only roll that I found acceptable at all was the Diana roll which was still sub-par at best. My sister complained that the spicy tuna roll was not spicy at all. The volcano roll (4 pieces for $9.00) was anything but what the menu described (flowing with lava sauce, etc.) and was just a combination of various fish that was overcooked, tough, and hard to eat combined with a small amount of sauce that looked nothing like lava at all. Finally, the B.S.C. roll was a complete disaster: small, unattractive scallops, on top of a very—maybe too—"generous" helping of orange roe with a very poorly made California roll.

The bill came out to $40.00, before tip, for a very unsatisfying lunch.

The only thing that my sister and I liked was the ginger selection... that was about it. The aforementioned reasons, however, drive the nail into the coffin of probable future visits. —CalvinCheng

2007-12-19 02:20:17 I used to live about 15 yards from Moshi Moshi, and I went there all the time (to the point where they knew my name). Their sashimi is always very fresh (I usually got tuna and salmon), and the staff is very nice. I think the prices are reasonable, and the food in general is pretty good. And as far as food goes, the only complaint I have is that their tempura batter is too thick. The service sucks sometimes, but I always think it's worth the wait. It's a pretty small place, so expect a wait when around dinnertime. This was one of my favorite restaurants when I lived in Davis. —JennSuzuki

2007-12-21 20:47:38 Best sushi I've had anywhere — I will really miss this place when I leave Davis. —StellaChiara