Movement Base is a chiropractic and sports therapy clinic focused around functional human movement and rehabilitation, striving to help people move and feel better. 

Our goal is two fold; one, to help you get out of pain so you're able to enjoy your daily life and all the activities you want to do, and secondly, give you the information and knowledge in order to help fix yourself outside of the clinic. We  are not your typical chiropractic clinic - our emphasis is functional movement and education. We want you to understand your own body, how you got to the place you're at and how you can fix yourself. We strive to be a resource and help assist you to continue having improvements for a lifelong functional lifestyle. If that be to for specific sport performance improvements or to simply feel and move better in your daily life, we're here to help. 

We are ultimately looking at how each person functions and moves. As we assess and work with patients, we're figuring out what treatment modalities and exercises are best suited for everyone's particular issues. Our goal is movement, and getting you to move more like how you were designed to as a human.  We strive to educate our patients about their bodies and their current issues. Providing you with the understanding and mechanisms for why you have pain and how your body is functioning. Knowing how you got to the point you're at is crucial to truly fixing your issue, rather than just relieving your symptoms. 

As humans, we were designed to move and have evolved to move incredibly well but when our body and joints start to move improperly for various reasons, over time that leads to pain and other issues. Every person is different and ultimately every issue you have has its own unique spin to it, but one of the underlying commonalities to everyone is movement. Begin to move better and your body will thank you for it. Move improperly and you're putting your body at a huge disadvantage. We need our bodies to move and work for us all day, everyday. If it's moving through your daily life at home or competing at a sporting event, fundamental movement patterns are the basis for a functioning person. As we improve the basics, we give ourselves a greater platform to build upon. Let's get not only your specific joints to work well, but now incorporate that into how all your joints work well together. 


We employ a wide range of treatment modalities that include: exercises and rehab, chiropractic adjustments, cupping therapy, graston/IASTM therapy, ultrasound, electric stimulation, manual myofascial release, massage therapy, voodoo floss, blood flow restriction training, kinesio/movement taping, and air compression sleeves. We may utilize a combination of these treatments to best address your conditions. 

In our clinic we have the chiropractic and sports therapy clinician is Dr. Ryan Kocsis, DC, CSCS - chiropractor & functional movement specialist, with a certified massage therapist, Teresa Dixon, CMT. 


For more information:

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Tel: 530.759.9007

Hours: Tuesday - Friday: 9am - 5pm