This page is designed to give you the information necessary to ensure a well-planned, uncomplicated move.

How to Choose a Mover

Most licensed moving companies are listed in the classified telephone directories, newspapers and other local advertising. Craigslist may be cheaper and more pleasant. You may want to ask friends who have recently moved if they can recommend a moving company. Additionally, some Realtors may advise you based upon their customers' experiences. Carrier associations, business groups, chambers of commerce and consumer organizations may also be a source of information.

Moving Supplies

If you are not using a full-service moving company, it's best to plan ahead in order to save money on moving supplies. Buying cardboard boxes could be a infuriatingly large waste of money, for example, but you can usually amass enough boxes for free if you start collecting in advance. Proper packing materials (like styrofoam peanuts, old blankets, wadded up newspaper, etc) can help reduce the number of things that get broken in the move, further reducing costs. A great source of free moving supplies is often people who have just moved in to town, if you can catch them before they discard their boxes and other stuff.

Estimates and Costs

In describing your move, be as consistent as possible with each mover you talk to; this will make it easier to compare estimates. Be sure to tell the prospective movers about all of the goods you want moved, any special services you require and conditions affecting pick-up and delivery (e.g., stairs, narrow road). It is especially important to tell the movers everything about your new home that may affect your move. This ensures a more accurate estimate of cost, and reduces the chance of misunderstandings or unexpected charges on moving day.

Oh, and in certain circumstances, some carriers may have minimum charges. For example, on hourly moves, a carrier may charge a minimum of four hours even if your move takes only two or three.

Pickup and Delivery Dates

If the mover(s) agrees to pick up your goods on a particular day and/or at a specified time, every effort must be made to meet that commitment. If for some reason the time or date cannot be met, the mover must notify you (or the party you designate) by telephone, telegraph or fax at the movers' expense, as soon as it becomes apparent that the pickup will not be at the time promised.

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