The Multicultural Immersion Program is part of UC Davis Counseling and Psychological Services) on campus. The interns develop and present workshops on different diversity related issues such as, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, body image/size, socio-economic status, religion, language, age, ability/disability. More information can be found on the CAPS web site at



MIP Administrators

Natacha Foo Kune, Ph.D.

Coordinator of the Multicultural Immersion Program/Psychologist

The Ohio State University

Interest(s): Multicultural Issues and Intersections of Identity, Diasporic Asian Issues (Including Asian American Pacific Islander Issues), LGBT Issues, Couples, Trauma, International Students, Spirituality, and Interpersonally-Oriented Counseling

[email protected]

Voicemail: (530) 752-0871 x 23

Anneliese Singh, M.S., LPC, NCC

Georgia State University, Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Program

Emphasis Area(s): MIP Internship

[email protected]

Voicemail: (530) 752-0871 x 56


MIP Interns

E. TylerFelix

Year: 5th Major(s)/Minor(s): English, Film Studies, Education Interests: Identity, culture, language, learning, intersectionality, existentialism transnational cinemas, environment, wildlife, activism, laughing Hometown: San Diego, CA Future Occupation: Ph.D. or Ed. D. in Multicultural Education, Advocate, ally, life learner

“MIP is not just about the differences that make us incredibly unique and special, but also the similarities that allow us to discover the humanity in each of us. ”

Carla Hernandez

Year: Senior Major(s)/Minor(s): Sociology / Chicano Studies Interests: Reading, community service, community involvement, learning & living, traveling, movies, enjoying life Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA Future Occupation: Criminal Lawyer

“The world is meant to be discovered, but you can’t discover anything without an open mind.”

Melanie Ramirez-Carpio

Year: 3rd Major(s)/Minor(s): Wildlife, Fisheries & Conservation/Latin American History; African American & African Studies Interests: Photography, hiking, traveling, learning new languages, listening to music, being with friends and family, watching movies, animals & wildlife, activism in diversity issues, etc. Hometown: South San Francisco, CA Future Occupation: Wildlife Management/Animal Behaviorist

“I follow a quote by Che Guevara where he says, “Revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.” Whether it be revolution by changes in everyday life or within yourself, I really strive to challenge what most people accept. Never accept what is given to you because there is always room to change and grow. MIP is a tool that can foster this change!”

Dana Song

Year: Sophomore Major(s)/Minor(s): Human Development Interests: Basketball, football, soccer, reading, talking, movies, music Interacting with children, hanging with family and friends, learning new cultures, Helping others Hometown: Morgan Hill, CA Future Occupation: Pediatrician or social worker

“You are who you are. No one can change you except for yourself. But why would you want to?”

Sheng Vue

Year: 2nd Major(s)/Minor(s): Art Studio / Psychology & Education Interests: Children’s artwork, water-coloring, drawing, multiculture, ocean, Dance, creative writing, video game, Mondavi Center, motivating, biking, Helping others, collecting cute stuff, etc. Hometown: Sacramento, CA Future Occupation: Art therapist, Art teacher or Art coordinator

“An unexamined life is not worth living.”

“MIP has given me the vision to see the world in a different and colorful way, and this vision makes my life worth living, exploring and fighting for what it means to be Hmong, what it means to be an American, what it means to be a woman, and what it means to be me.”