Mythbusters is a television show on the Discovery Channel that performs entertaining experiments to prove or disprove ("bust") urban legends and myths. The two main Mythbusters, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, gave a talk at the Mondavi Center in November 2007. In the episode "Air Plane Hour", broadcast on 2007-12-12, three skydiving maneuvers from the movie Point Break were tested at the Yolo County Airport by the three Mythbuster interns using Skydance Skydiving planes. On Friday, March 20 2009 Mythbusters blew up one of their mannequins in a gravel quarry by Cache Creek north of Esparto. The Esparto Fire Department was supervising the explosion but the town was not informed in order not to attract a crowd. Many people were surprised and at least one window was broken, which Mythbusters paid for.

The cast and crew had been spotted at the airport on 2007-11-28, with the West Plainfield Fire Department standing by to assist.

JabberWokky still has a copy and will be uploading screenshots and documenting the documentary soon (if just to get the durn thing off his laptop harddrive).


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2008-08-06 13:33:01   I remember not being able to go to the Mondavi event because the tickets were some outrageous amount like $50 per person. Given their target audience, it seems like that price would alienate fans of the show. —JoePomidor