A naked list is a page that is almost nothing but a list of links to other pages. No page (with the possible exception of Explore should be a list without other content. In general, we try to write something about the subject of the list - for example, the Taxi Services page should not only list taxi services in Davis, but should also have some information about the general "taxi scene" in Davis - whether many people tend to use taxis, the cachet of using taxis instead of driving or taking the bus, the history of taxi services in Davis, etc.

Generally one sentence is not enough - a lot of naked lists begin something like this: "There are many taxi services in Davis." That's nice, but it's still a naked list that needs more content. Bicycle Shops is a good example of a page that adds a bit of character to what would otherwise be a boring list.

If you don't know about the taxi scene of Davis (or about whatever page you're working on), you should still create the page - having the list of taxi services is better than not having it - but if you do know, please take some time to write about the list.

You can help the Daviswiki by adding your knowledge to one of the naked lists below:

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