Nazir Sayed is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Fall 2009 ASUCD Election.

I NEED STUDENT SUPPORT! takes only a second to cast a vote:, vote now!

ASUCD (controls 10 million dollars) does not represent the entire student body and the average student does not know where the money is being distributed (less than 25% of the student body actually vote). I am one of a handful of independent candidates. Vote for me, I will always be accessible to all students.

As Senator, here are some of my platforms:


1) Student fee hikes are wrong. As Senator, I would organize thousands of students to send letters to our state capital to stop the hikes. Why? Because California is the only state of 22 other oil producing state that doesn't tax oil drillers. The other states generate $1 billion from this tax and use that money to support their schools. In California, oil drillers have been getting a free ride, and that is why we, the students, are paying for it now.

2) I want to create a Freshman/ Senior mentoring and/or shadowing Program (best way to help Freshman learn about student life, answer financial aid questions, get introduced to clubs/ parties/ activities early on and make new friends, plus relatively inexpensive to implement. For Seniors: Demonstrate leadership skills necessary in the workplace, plus the thought of giving back)

3) Create an Annual Campus-Wide Party to rival UCSD 'Sun-God' festival. Invite A-list singers, free for undergrads, and generate revenue by selling tickets off-campus and sponsorships.

I have more ideas that you can find on facebook. It only takes a few seconds to vote: vote online:


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