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Newman Associates is a professional Certified Public Accountant firm. Located at 424 F Street. They work with individuals as well as businesses doing tax return preparation and planning, auditing, and they also offer bookkeeping services. We are well known for the work we do with for-profit companies that receive government grants. We specialize in helping these companies create government compliant accounting polices and the required audits of those organizations.


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2009-08-21 14:33:16   I have worked with both Adam and Tom at Newman Associates and they were both very helpful in my home buying and tax planning. I would highly recommend them. —HenWeigh

2015-03-21 16:43:11   Would not go there if you are a grad student - they misreported my income and said I had to pay self-employment taxes on my fellowship, so I wound up paying $600+ I didn't actually owe. They also kept me hanging on, saying 'we caught an error, we need to redo a few things' several times until it was just a few days before the deadline. I would've gone somewhere else but they had all my documents. They also made errors filling out the forms when I was there that I had to catch and correct while they were filling out the forms. The tax preparer I saw this year said they did my taxes entirely wrong and now I have to file an amended return and try to get back the tax I overpaid, since I should've gotten a refund last year instead. Am also going to ask for a refund on the fees I paid them, since I am having to refile because they screwed up. Would not recommend. —Madanimalscientist

2018-02-08 19:13:09   Regarding the comment on 2015-03-21. I am very sorry to hear about your experience. We stand behind our work and if, indeed, we did make a mistake, we would fix it at our own cost for you. Unfortunately you never brought this to our attention and so we were not able to resolve the issue. —AndrewNewman