1109 Kennedy Place , Suite #4
in the Davisville Professional Center
(Mon- 8:30am-4:30pm and Tues-Fri- 9:00am-5:00pm)

Nikos Menicou, DDS practices general dentistry, the office is known as Twin Pines Dental. Dr. Mandeep Randhawa is his associate.

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2006-12-13 22:59:26   I saw this dentist for the first time back in April. He did a great job, was friendly, and backed up his work. I had a small filling that was needed and he did it then and there, even fixing another old filling in the process. My only complaint is that when he numbed me, I was told it would be aboud 2 hours, but it took 3-4 hours to regain feeling in my cheek and tongue. Oh well, beats feeling someone drill a hole into my tooth. In short, I'm sad my new insurance does not cover him and I must again find someone new...... —KaitlinSufit

2007-01-10 14:54:55   He hit on me and tried to get me to go to lunch with him. Totally inappropriate. I'm like 20 years younger!! —SoCalGal

2007-01-10 19:36:40   Nearly every dentist I've been to in Yolo County with the exception of Dr Nik has wanted to do unneccesary work. I was in an out quick, and even invited out to lunch at a later date to give my filling a test drive. Awesome place and great staff. —ChrisThompson

2007-02-23 13:13:07   It was a good envirnoment and the people were friendly, but they never actually used a scraper or water thing to get the plaque of my teeth. I haven't been to the dentist in over a year and my last one always spent like 10-20 minutes doing this. When i went i sat down, they took a bunch of xrays, did the polish and then the dentist came in for like 30 seconds to say my teeth look OK. Based on this experience i might try to find another dentist in Davis. —BobKays

2007-06-22 13:26:42   I would recommend Dr. Menicou. Everyone was very friendly, and my teeth were scraped surprisingly quickly. They recommended whitening to me, but there was no pressure when I said I couldn't afford it. The hygienist also caught a few things my previous dentist (who had had been seeing since I was a child) had missed, such as the fact that I've been grinding my teeth and should really get a mouth guard if I don't want to end up with a bunch of cracked teeth and root canals. —AnnaJones

2007-07-28 20:44:28   I had a great expirence here. I have not been to the dentist for a few years and he and his staff made me feel comfortable and welcome. His staff was very professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone. —fire12

2007-08-15 20:16:56   have seen this dentist after having a bad experience with dr storm. He made everything better and was so nice to talk to and worked quickly. Also his staff is super friendly. I am not the easiest person to take x-rays because of my high gag reflex ,but the assistants here make you comfortable and feel like you are not even at the dentist office. All the x-rays are now digitial making it much faster to get a reading from the doctor about your teeth. My recent visit I had the opportunity to see the disney room which is being build for the children that come into the dentist. How many disney movie characters can you find? Anyway the great thing is this was a great experience and they are good about sending reminders for future appointments ,but not annoying and do not pressure any kind of services. UCD students: this is a Delta Dentist to go to if you have SHIP insurance!1[ —ElizabethBarthel

2008-02-08 20:47:09   Dr. Menicou was a wonderful dentist. He made me feel very at ease, having had horrible experiences in the past - he reminded me a lot of a walking, talking Mel Brooks movie. He did two fillings in under 20 minutes without pain and explaining every bit of the procedure to a nervous wreck like me — it was awesome. Definitely would reccommend him and I'm going back for my cleaning when I can. —SamanthaA

2008-08-06 13:49:18   Thank you wiki users! I tried contacting his office last year and basically got turned off by the person answering the phone not seeming to care, and the huge wait for a visit. Now I realize I probably made my decision too hastily (based on so many nice reviews) and might try going back to him. —carnitasPorFavor

2008-09-23 16:39:14   Alright, back again after getting my teeth cleaned - this is definitely the best dentist I've ever had. No unnecessary procedures, the staff are very caring - they work around your schedule and help you as much as they can. I absolutely recommend Dr. Menicou and his office to everyone. —SamanthaA

2008-12-10 18:25:46   After reading comments, I went to Dr. Menicou for a checkup and cleaning. I had three cavities (not abnormal for me and I hadn't been to a dentist in over a year). He even showed me the x-rays so I knew he wasn't ripping me off or anything (I have read about this happening elsewhere on DavisWiki). He was great at making sure the filling was perfect and made sure I had plenty of local anesthetic. The whole office is very friendly and accommodating. I've been there three times and will definitely be going back at my next 6 month checkup! —ArielleWeiler

2009-01-16 08:37:12   I highly recommend Dr. Menicou, I've been very happy with his work, and have been a patient of his for ~3-4 years now. He won my loyalty when he spent 2-3 visits adjusting my bite after a filling free of charge, despite the fact that the problem wasn't the tooth he'd filled, but rather one another dentist had put in a couple of years earlier which hadn't been adjusted quite right. He's the second-best dentist I've ever had, and the only reason he's not the best one is that I grew up in a small town and knew my dentist there socially as well as professionally, so that was a closer relationship. I've recommended Dr. Menicou to at least one friend in Davis who was having troubles with his dentist, and I was thanked later for teh recomendation because the friend also really liked Dr. Menicou's work. —BrianWilliams

2009-02-13 16:47:26   I don't feel good about this dental office. I was assigned by my insurance company to see this dentist. But when I called to make an appointment, they said they could't accept me because they had some problem with the insurance company. If they don't like the company, why don't they just contact the company to solve the problem instead of trying to shut the door to patients who have already been assigned to them? —coco

2009-03-15 01:59:49   Nikos Menicou is doing a disservice to his patients, and cheating the insurance companies. He will polish your teeth and call it a cleaning. A thorough cleaning should include scaling as well as inspection of the gums and measurement of your pockets. I was very disappointed when I went to see him based on the glowing reviews on this page and discovered that he barely glanced in my mouth and had a hygenist do a polish, then recommended a 4 quad cleaning (root planing). This is an expensive procedure (that my insurance covered, so he figured I would go along with it) Yes, he has a nice digital x-ray maching, but that is because he is quick, slick, and interested in maximizing profits at the expense of quality time and care of his patients. I went to Kristina Wiley in Dixon for a second opinion - and she was shocked at the recommendation. She did a thorough cleaning and pronounced my teeth and gums healthy, and absolutely not in need of further treatment. Nikos Menicou was also overly friendly in an unprofessional manner. Go elsewhere. —turtlek75

2009-03-16 16:17:50   Dr. Menicou and his associate Dr. Bautista are both excellent dentists! My husband and I both have dental phobias stemming from poor experience as children; additionally, my husband was without insurance for twelve years, so by the time wild horses dragged us back into the chair we were both in bad shape. "Doctor Nik" is very funny and his cheery demeanor puts me at ease. The hygenists are skilled and friendly. Dr. Menicou works fast and efficiently, and his patter keeps me distracted from the work (except when I try to grin around the instruments!) Dr. Bautista is very thorough and reassuring. Doing so much work at once really taxed my family's checkbook, and the office staff was really good about helping us manage the payments. They've also been awesome with my children — even though they ultimately recommended that we take the two youngest to a pediatric dentist, their main concerns were getting our kids the best treatment and making sure their dental experience was positive. I just scheduled my second cleaning, and I'm psyching up to start on a second root canal... and I feel better about my teeth than I have in years. I would recommend Dr. Menicou and his office to anyone. —ErinBlackman

2009-03-25 13:25:36   I have never actually seen Dr. Menicou but I have seen Dr. Batista. I would not recommend this place to ANYBODY. I had to switch insurance and out of all the places that I could pick from to go to, this seemed like a good place. I had seen my old dentist not too long before my first visit here and everything was fine, however when I got here all of a sudden I had 6 cavities that needed to be filled and one was a possible crown. Also, I watched him take about 20 minutes to look at my xrays at those 6 "cavities" he really looked like he was having a heck of a time seeing them I saw him highlight the screen to a negative color quite a few times as well. My red flag is WAY up on this place! I have never been un happy going to the dentist until I had to go here! —jo29

2009-07-03 18:00:24   I first started seeing Dr. Menicou almost a year and a half ago. I have a severe dental phobia, it had been years since I last went to the dentist before seeing Dr. Menicou. He has done everything even through some difficult repairs to make me feel comfortable. He has been friendly and supportive even though I have been severely nervous. His staff is friendly and courteous. I still don't look forward to the dentist, but I will say that under Dr. Menicou's care I feel comfortable and have been continuing to visit his service. He is not overly stiff, but for me his friendly demeanor allows me to relax a little in what can be a very stressful situation. He also cares greatly for his patients and really does want to make sure you are comfortable and taken care of in his office. I cannot thank or recommend him enough for how great he has been to me and my family. —AHBlackman

2009-09-04 12:54:51   Stephanie was a champ. She is a professional hygienist who has done the deep cleaning on my teeth. She did a really great job. I rarely felt much pain both during and after the process, and my gum color now looks better :-D (as if a brand new car-shiny&crisp). Everyone at the office was friendly, although the down side was they didn't have enough water jet tools(no idea what it's called??)for the patients at one point during my deep cleaning. So, the work had to be rushed on me :-[. Despite that incident, they were great and recommended. (Maybe they had many appointments this day, but it's a good idea to provide their skillful employees with a complete set of tools.) —superdavis

2010-04-15 11:53:04   So far, I've had great experiences here. I've only been seen by Dr. Bautista, who is awesome. I appreciated being able to SEE my cavities in the x-rays. Even better, during the filling process, I was actually fully numb before the drilling started! A comfortable atmosphere and very nice, skilled people. Highly recommended! —MeghanSkaer

2010-05-30 18:15:31   Rey (Bautista) is awesome! He and Heather (the assistant) have been working together to fix all the teeth I screwed up in college). They have been amazing, keeping me aware of the costs - even when it meant that they would have to send me to another dentist to get work done. Dr. Bautista gave me his cell phone #, I can text him and call him whenever I have pain in my mouth - he responds ASAP. Dr. Nick is awesome too. He cleans my parents' teeth and he did a root cancal on me. He's a trip - what a funny guy. "Jo29" - Rey sees everything - including things that another dentist I used to have missed - I would think it was a "plus" if he didn't find the six cavities. . Both dentists do everything they can to save us money - they don't recommend a bunch of crap like teeth bleaching or teeth/gam scaling and have saved our family probably thousands of dollars. Thanks guys - we recommend you to everybody. —ElizabethKelly

2010-07-18 09:08:02   Hi, For those of you who have a night guard fitted at this dentist, please I'd be interested as to how it worked out and whether you were comfortable wearing at night. Who fitted it? Best regards, Tom. —tictac

2010-10-24 13:26:46   Dr. Nick is absolutely THE. BEST. I moved to Roseville two years ago and still drive almost an hour back for my (extensive) dental appointments. He's skillful, genuinely funny, and cares about getting the best work done. And I really mean skillful — he pulled out two wisdom teeth in less than five minutes apiece, negating a trip to the endodontist and getting anesthesia. The whole office is great and super-friendly (they all know me by name by now, haha), and focuses on getting your teeth fixed the best way that works for you. I wouldn't be comfortable going anywhere else. —Maren

2010-12-09 12:31:48   I had a very unpleasant experience with this office. Although I had an examination that was covered fully by my insurance they charged me $50 for "doctor fees". I had my insurance documentation with me and I showed them that what they did (a consult basically) was fully covered. They did reverse the charge (after telling me that i "should read the small print") but I do not feel comfortable going there again. —anamaria2

2011-01-22 12:56:37   These guys are the absolute best! I had my wisdom teeth extracted, which took about 2 minutes per tooth, and there was very, very little pain. Dr. Nik called me in the evening to check on how I was doing and told me not to hesitate to call if I needed anything. This is the second time they have been wonderful, the first time being when I had a crown put in. I would recommend them to anyone! Thanks, guys! —Millie

2011-08-04 11:26:58   Dr. Menicou is wonderful. We've been seeing him for the past three years. Dr. Menicou is excellent at diagnosing and treating, and is much less painful (and also less expensive — a perk!) than our previous dentist. Plus, he and his staff are caring and considerate. He's a doll with children, too. (My daughter is happy to go to her visits.) Even our orthodontist said Dr. Menicou is great. (Note: Dr. Battista is no longer with this office, and I wouldn't have recommended him, anyway.) —Chamoudah

2011-10-27 22:00:35   I was incredibly displeased with Dr. Menicou. He clearly wants to do a good job and have a good reputation, but he did some really shoddy work on my teeth. I've never had cavities, but when I switched to Menicou he told me I had cavities between my back molars. He removed the cavities but and put the filler in, my left side one day and my right side another. My molars continued to be painful, so I returned to him at which point he gave me Sensodyne to numb my nerves. Another few weeks past and the pain hadn't receded, so I went back a third time. He redid the fillers, acknowledging that there was too much contact between the molars, which was causing my pain.

I've since moved out of Davis and have found a new dentist. She said the filling were of poor quality and would likely have to be redone. I could see on the x-ray where one filler had a sharp edge (from when Menicou "fixed" it) and another was flat where it should have been a peak. I still have trouble getting floss between the molars, which means that it's hard to clean out bacteria.

So, I missed three days of work, was given local anesthesia three times, was in pain for a month, paid $300 out of pocket, and what do I have to show for it? Fillings that will likely be replaced soon. —DannyMilks

2012-07-19 19:08:16   I had a very similar experience as anamarie2. I asked for a pre-authorization for a mouth guard. When they got my insurance's approval, the admin told me that it was going to cost me $200 out of pocket. However, I also received a copy of the pre-auth and my portion of it was only $47. When I brought that up, the admin went and got Dr. Menicou, who told me that he would never have agreed to the amount that my insurance company says he gets paid for the work. But he is a contracted provider and did agree to the amount. He told me that he would not honor my insurance and that I could either pay extra $100 or go to another dentist. In the past I've been suspicious of being pushed to purchase treatments that I did not need, but this sealed it. I found it especially bad that they knowingly tried to overcharge me, then when I questioned it, the admin left the room and Dr. Menicou tried to tell my why I should pay more. —MikeCarr

2012-10-30 21:35:06   When my insurance changed, I had to go to another dentist. That practice told me I had a broken filling and recommended an expensive replacement that is not covered by insurance. I was uncomfortable with the whole experience so I changed insurance carriers so I could go back to Dr. Menicou. When he checked my teeth 6 months later, he confirmed what I suspected all along - no broken filling. My teeth looked fine except for 20 year old fillings that we need to keep an eye on due to age. But nothing urgent or expensive needed to be done. I trust Dr. Menicou to give me an honest diagnosis and his staff is very friendly. —LauraShapiro