These are archived reviews of Nuggets from 2005. For more recent comments, please visit the entry.

2005-07-26 14:47:34   Nugget is fine, but the selection of fresh food doesn't give me a woody. —RocksandDirt

2005-08-12 19:23:34   I'm very skeptical of the price savings scoreboard at Nugget stores. It doesn't explain what the numbers mean, and it just doesn't seem possible that Nugget could beat Safeway and Albertson's on price across the board. Produce and dairy prices are pretty competitive, and prices for many specialty items seem more than fair, but just about everything else (e.g. cereal, homewares, pasta sauce) seems to be priced much higher than at other stores. —RickEle

According to their website, the "Price Challenge" is that you bring in $100 of groceries from another store, then they scan them in and see if it would have been cheaper at Nugget. If it isn't, they pay "double the difference" plus $10. The scoreboard presumably tracks wins versus losses on that challenge. Maybe the savings on produce and dairy make up for cereal and pasta? — RyanSandler

2005-08-13 10:53:43   The raw sausages they sell in a variety of different flavors are excellent when BBQ'd. Of particular note in this regard is the pineapple teriyaki sausage. —AlexPomeranz

2005-08-15 18:46:55   They raised the rice bowl price in the last few months. Used to be 2.99 - which was a great deal. Now it's $3.99, except for "Happy Hour 11-2 $2.99" during random days/weeks. —ES

2005-10-04 21:47:02   While I have no information about prices at this store, back when I intensively did compare prices between a health food store and supermarkets I discovered that it's critical which items you are comparing. The 'health food' items were considerably cheaper in the health food store, and the 'unhealth food' items were cheaper at the supermarkets. I assume this has to do with supplier volume. —SteveDavison

2005-10-22 12:15:46   HORSESHIT They raised the price of their sandwich by a full DOLLAR (they're now $6.50). —MattJojola

2005-10-26 11:32:22   The panini sandwiches are tiny for $6.99, and not particularly wonderful. —ApolloStumpy

2005-11-12 01:09:22   Always a wonderfully rare little oddity bit of food to bring home and try. Nugget wasn't that expensive really, and they always carried the strange ingredients I needed for more exotic cooking. Friendly staff, lots of cheese (woo!), and a fantastic selection natural or exotic foods. If there's one thing I miss about Davis, it's Nugget. —TarynHornen

2005-12-10 21:41:46   If you like brussels sprouts, try their brussels sprouts salad with pancetta and pine nuts. It's even better heated! —JohnnaSarkis

2005-12-21 04:27:57   I think the Nugget is too expensive for me. That said, I happen to like their Chinese food. Late nights, at like, 9:30, they'll clean out the bins and put the remaining food into big containers to sell off for $3.75 each. They're pretty good, I think. —SS