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2007-01-12 10:19:09   The cheese selection is excellent—this is the only place in Davis I've been able to find Spanish blue. —LynnetteWharton

2007-01-17 10:11:26   I don't go here much because the inexpensive milks (2 for $4.30) use rBGH (sometimes called puss milk) —BillAlexander

2007-01-30 13:30:05   Nugget's coffee bar makes the best americano in all of Davis. I'm totally addicted. —AmandaCaudle

2007-02-03 13:34:49   I'm not sure why so many of the comments here are about the prepared food rather than the shopping. I was a Trader Joes patron back in San Diego and have found that the Nugget is the closest I have found to TJ's in Davis. Prices are comparable to Albertsons etc. if not cheaper and the food is usually better (ie. more gourmet or just interesting selections a la Trader Joe's). The atmosphere is infinitely better than most grocers and the checkers are usually very personable. Just my two cents, still would like to see a Trader Joe's in Davis. —AnthonySoto

2007-02-28 18:42:02   My grocery store of choice. Doesn't always have the best deals, but they have quality foods and superior wine and beer selection (very important). My only complaint is that their parking lot is always filled with seemingly the worst mini-van/SUV-driving soccer moms in Davis who couldn't perform a 3-point turn to save their honor student. —BriannaBetancourt

Is this stereotyping of part of the Davis community really necessary? Those "soccer moms" are probably highly educated woman with careers and families. Not an easy job. —JimEvans

2007-03-06 13:11:52   i used to go here exclusively for the chinese food. when the north davis location first opened, the chinese food was cheap, plentiful, and of decent quality. not long after, the quality went down considerably (most notably the quality of meat they use). i still went, because it was cheap, and i could get about 2 meals out of it (id get the combo that got rice, chow mein and an entree). then they raised all of the prices by at least $1. i still contunued to go there, because at least it was a reasonable price for essentially 2 meals. I went today, and to my dismay, the combo that i usually got was less than half the size of what it used to be, and still at the same price, and mediocre quality. needless to say, i will never be getting the chinese food there again. I realized, for about a dollar less, I can get the lunch combo at silver dragon (which is comparable to the combo i used to get at nugget), and you get a much larger portion, and MUCH MUCH better quality —JeffIto

2007-03-19 13:41:35   The nugget in Woodland has raised the price of their basic chinese rice bowl (white/brown rice + 1 entree) to $4.29. I don't know if Davis Nugget has followed. This makes it a total of a 43% price raise in the last year an a half. —AlexPomeranz

2007-04-27 13:19:38   I am rather fed up with all of the solicitors that they have outside of their entries and exits. It seems like every other day they have someone there begging you to buy stuff or sign a petition. Dammit, I just wanna get my groceries in peace. Is that too much to ask? —CaseyBarc

The Girl Scouts? A Little League team? A petition drive? Is it really so terrible if you have to interact with other people in your community. —JimEvans

2007-05-20 15:14:49   Ooookay first I wanna know if Mr. JimEvans is here to simply RAG on people's assertions (which were pretty funny), or if he's going to share something worthwhile about the NUGGET; that IS the topic at hand. ANYHOO - I think that when it comes to the Nugget vs. Albertson's you have a Mercedes vs. a Honda. Both are GOOD products, but one's a little nicer than the other. I like the checkout and attractively-displayed produce at the front of the store. Dare I say it? Yep - hella cute. LOL —joeistheish

  • Constructive? OK. If you want to buy a loaf of Ciabatta on a week day don't bother going in the morning. It's not out until after about 10am, which can be a pain if you like shopping in the morning. After CaseyBarc made a similar anti-social comment on the Co-op page I held my tongue. Alright? —JimEvans

2007-05-25 17:46:34   I am addicted to the Nugget's sushi! I don't know how they manage to maintain such fresh sushi in a display case, but its consistently better than Nobu Hiro or Fuji.


  Nugget's sushi is made fresh everyday. They never have day old sushi sitting out. Also, Nugget sells so much sushi it's hard to buy sushi that's been sitting in the case all day long. —mowtov

2007-06-28 19:21:54   I love the Nugget! I have never stood in a line for more than a few seconds here. Their products seem much fresher than Safeway's. And, the employees here are excellent. —Chantal

2007-06-30 21:14:30   Generally, I don't shop much here because of the high prices, with the exception of a few items that I can't get anywhere else. But the bakery items are hard to resist... especially chocolate chip cookies, lemon bars, and éclairs... —CovertProfessor

2007-07-04 06:14:30 What's up with those babes with the baskets up on the Nugget prison wall? What are they going to drop on the oblvious masses? Past-ripe product? Demeter's Revenge upon Hades? —?WilyFerret

2007-07-15 07:15:00   Quite simply the best supermarket in Davis. With few exceptions their produce is much fresher than those of Safeway and have a much greater variety (I like trying new vegetables, or being able to get Chinese Long Beans if I want). When I was craving some soft-shelled crab a few years ago they special ordered some for me without any reservation. Best of all is the service at the Nugget...the employees for the most part seem to really like working here. For example, on a rainy day last winter I was walking from the store back to my car, and unsolicited an employee told me to watch out a couple feet ahead of me because the puddles were deceptively deep. Now I realize what he did wasn't "so hard" but it's the frequency of little touches like this that make me come to the Nugget a few times a week. —AlvinTsao

2007-07-17 13:42:46   The sandwiches are way over priced, The store is meant for the wealthy, they do have a great loss prevention team i will say that if try to take from this store i guarantee you get caught, nice people do work there they are very help full i just can't seam to go there to often the deals are nor deals but great place to work and be safe that is for sure —dickjones

2007-07-17 14:20:57   The pricing seems to be a bit variable, but my family started shopping at Nugget (north) because several of our regular items (Genova frozen ravioli and the Sacramento Baking Company sourdough to name a couple) are a bit cheaper here. We've also found that the ground pork here is excellent—much better than the variety offered at Safeway. Another finding—and this has made the extra distance worth it—is the fact that the purified water dispensers a) all work regularly and b) are seemingly never crowded (again, compared to the South Davis Safeway). Bummer running to the market late at night to get water, only to find two dispensers down and the remaining two restocking themselves. We still shop at Safeway frequently (how can we not when it is so convenient?), but seem to be going to Nugget more and more. —KevinChin

2007-07-23 19:25:35   As a foodie that shops at places like Whole Foods, Mother's Market, Mitsuwa and Ranch 99 for Seafood, it's true that Nugget isn't the cheapest but it's got high quality foods (Triple cream cheeses) that's really tastes great and makes food shopping an experience. —atwong

2007-11-07 23:34:48   I think talanted Davisites should try to win some free beef: