These are archived reviews of Nuggets from 2008. For more recent comments, please visit the entry.

2008-01-19 23:30:51   this place is one of the best food places in davis! the sandwiches and sushi rox!good deals too! —davisrox

2008-02-09 00:11:17   I went to nugget around 10 looking for a very random item, and even though nugget didn't carry it they were glad to help find out which other stores that were open in Davis would have it. —StevenDaubert

2008-03-08 19:34:03   I found out today that you get a free sandwich and a free drink from the drink bar on your birthday! —JoePomidor

2008-04-27 22:31:09   I like Nugget. It's expensive, but you gotta pay for quality. Their deli is awesome. Wonderful sandwiches and salads. One thing I do purchase at Nugget is bottles of lemonade flavored Crystal Light. I know that's lame and I can't even believe I'm admitting to buying the stuff, but I can't find the bottles of it anywhere anymore! Everywhere sells the powder, but I don't want the powder because I'm THAT lazy. —CurlyGirl26

2008-05-13 23:55:28   I've only gone to the Nugget in North Davis. I like it cause they have the best bread in town— though it could be a WHOLE lot better if they changed flours to all white. The one thing about the Nugget is that I've had to bring back things three times now. Twice for produce and once for meat. I've also witnessed the produce guy knocking over some avocados that hit the ground hard and rolled only to have him turn and TOSS them back onto the heap. Thats not cool. —JamieParker

2008-05-25 10:27:02   Here's why I love the Nugget:

It's staffed entirely by young, hot boys who will flirt with you. I don't care if they're just trained to. It works. I'm almost sure the hiring standards are:

1) Must be male.

2) Must be fit and gorgeous.

3) Must be able to smile at dingy ladies who don't understand the concept of "line-crossing."

That said, I'm in my 20's and they still give me a free cookie/put up with my neurotic pickiness at the counters. Great place, if not a little expensive.


2008-06-13 20:49:58   Great place. Large selection of food,and you can get a decent lunch there. Excellent for college students. —jrendler

2008-07-17 19:26:18   Good quality to pick up specific items, but too expensive to do grocery shopping. —dc

2008-07-28 21:50:45   I like this place, actually have gone to both locations just for fun. Good deals on vegetables and seasonal fruit, I basically don't buy anything else if its not on sale. Just like anything else, knowing what things are worth is key. $2.75 for Campbell's chicken soup is a rip, 1.99 a pound for boneless skinless chicken that's so fresh its still oozing blood... impossible to beat. Here's a hint: don't buy anything that doesn't say "STOP," and don't assume every Stop Sign is a good deal. This is THE place in town for fancy asian sauces at a semi-reasonable price. Oh, and the Co-op's back rooms are a fetid mess of rotten milk, bugs, and other nasty shit, do yourself a favor and avoid it, Nugget employees are about twice as clean, nice and friendly! —davisGeek

2008-07-31 19:44:29   I'm definitely with Casey about the cute guys! Too bad they all look so young... Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I go to the nugget for sandwiches (North Davis location.) The number 3 panini is my favorite (with portobello mushrooms), and I always ask for a side of pickles, just to snack on while I do my grocery shopping. Also, I don't know if this has already been said, but at 8 PM, the chinese food section boxes up all the leftover chinese food and sells it for half price. I agree that things do seem a bit expensive, but every visit is always so pleasant. —MegaTron

2008-08-18 19:31:08   I love to shop at the Nugget. The staff is obviously happy to work there and it shows in their customer service. And I admit that I am addicted to grocery shopping with a mocha on my cart! —HazelWatson

2008-08-22 22:51:39   I love to shop at Nugget. Yes, it is pricey but the Co-op, the only other grocery store I frequent, is pricey too (7.69/lb for a bell pepper..come on!). I can't bring myself to shop at Safeway...ugh. My favorite Nugget sandwich is #5 mmmm. I can't believe no one has commented about the sandwich guy...a local celebrity. My favorite thing about shopping at Nugget is waiting in line. I have never had to wait in line behind more than one person before. There are usually ample cashiers, and new registers open up as needed. —Chantal

2008-09-15 08:29:49   I applaud Nugget for letting me bring in my gluten free bread and making me a sandwich on it. Not many places will do that, and I am very appreciative of it! By the way, try a sandwich with all the veggies (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickles, avocado, sprouts, fennel) plus the dill mayo. I am not a vegetarian, but it was so very tasty!! —AmLin

2008-09-19 20:47:08   I was sad to see tonight that the left over Chinese food now costs more for less :(. I used to get a pint of pork fried rice for $3. Now it's $4 for 1/2 a pint. I think Hunan is a better deal now. —BradBenedict