Oak Tree Plaza is a one-level open-air neighborhood retail center at the corner of East Covell Boulevard and Pole Line Road on the northern end of East Davis. It got its name from a large historic oak tree that had to be cut down to build the plaza (go figure!) back in 1978

Unitrans bus lines Q and Sat as well as Yolobus lines 42B, 43, & 232 stop next to Carl's Jr.. Unitrans bus line L stops on Pole Line Rd. behind CVS.





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The other day (maybe July 26 or July 27, 200?) there was a man out front of longs in playing his guitar and singing elvis tunes. Does anyone have any info about this guy? Is he a new feature of Davis? or an old standby who has changed venues? Thanks! - Rocksanddirt

2017-02-18 23:29:51   Can someone explain the solar power charging-reconfigured vintage gas pump in the front of the patio area between Nugget and CVS? Anyway, this could actually be a relatively nice and lively space similar to the Mexican restaurant and patio to left side of the Nugget in East Davis near Mace.... sigh... Cutting down trees for this suburban disaster is a big drag. —DeepStreetsDavis