Davis High 315 West 14th Street (corner of 14th and Oak)
Directly East of the Scripps Dr and Oak Ave intersection
Saturdays 4:00 PM - 6:00PM

Every Saturday 4-6 PM (that is, until everybody leaves/Robby needs to go), ex-Coach Robby opens Davis Senior H.S.'s "New Gym" for Badminton. You can borrow Robby's rackets and shuttlecocks, but please put them away neatly, birdies in the can, rackets in the bag or the badminton team will hear about it...

If you want to save your court while going for a water break, and no one's saving it for you, LEAVE a racket on the court.

At 6 at least half the courts are taken down and the basketball hoops are let down. Bring your own basketballs.