Tasty oranges grow all over Davis. Like other citrus', oranges often bear fruit in the winter, though a combination of different varieties provides us with fruit almost year round locally. Since one tree may produce more fruit than a household can generally eat, the sidewalk is often littered with fruit. Oranges found on the sidewalk are a morally permissible source of food for those looking to live cheap. However, before climbing into fruit trees on private property or tugging on fruit still hanging on trees, knock on the door and ask permission. Most tenants/property owners will be glad to have you relieve them of the extra fruit and would be very much appreciate your consideration.

Visit here for a google map of fruit trees in Davis. The map is public and collaborative, so please add trees if you know of their locations. (You must have a google sign-in.) Use push-pins to mark the locations of trees. If the tree is on private property, please indicate that in the note, and only mark it after getting permission from the owner first.