Food (mostly pizza) from various restaurants is available by ordering online through various sites. Often these intersect with Delivery.

Multiple Restaurants

  • eat24 - A Yelp company, online food ordering service with delivery & pick-up.
  • Grubhub - Online food ordering service with delivery & pick-up. You can pay with PayPal.
  • FoodToYou — Delivers for Strings, Fusions, Gardenia, Hibachi. There is a $4.99 service charge per restaurant and a 15% gratuity for the driver.
    • Their website is crap. They deliver out of Sacramento, delivery to Davis requires a $200 minimum order.  They don't seem to have any Davis restaurants on their service. 

Single Restaurants


(You can pick up at all these restaurants as well)

Pick-Up Only

(You can order at these restaurants for pick-up, but none deliver.)