A couple of the restaurants listed actually don't look like they provide online ordering. The ones I see are: Ali Baba Enju

Did I miss something there though?

Also, and maybe this is just my browser, but the Yeti website threw up a security flag for me and I wasn't able to verify if you could order online. Can anyone else see if they offer online ordering? —JT

  • Yes, they do. I have successfully ordered food from them online. That's why I added them to the page... :-) —cp
    • Can you help me find the links for those? —JT
      • I added the link to Yeti's page, which is where I think it belongs. —cp

Still think Ali Baba and Enju should maybe come off this page, (not seeing where to order online). Any other input?

The order online link for Enju is found at their official website here: http://enjujapaneserestaurant.eat24hour.com/ It wasn't on its wiki page, but I recently added it.

  • Ok great. Thanks!
  • I think Enju is closed.