These are reviews of Osaka Sushi from 2005. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2005-06-27 19:28:16   This is one of my favorite sushi places. They have boats and I like to sit at the bar. The atmosphere is surprisingly pleasant considering what the exterior looks like. —SS

2005-07-05 21:42:56   The 'Taylor' roll is spectacular. The udon is good too. Althought the food here is a bit pricey, the quality is unbeatable. —SiennaGrass

2005-07-06 08:24:04   This is kind of irrelevant to the food, but I don't really appreciate Osaka's placement of cameras that point at certain tables. I don't think anyone really enjoys the feeling of being watched while they eat. —BrianChen

  • Why do they have cameras? Seems weird for a restaurant to actually point cameras at the tables. —ss
  • I think it has something to do with people skipping out on the bill. I think if they see people who they think might try to run off, they'll seat them at the table underneath the camera to monitor them (at least, that's how I felt when I was placed underneath the camera). I'm unsure though. —BrianChen

2005-09-05 10:48:56   I've enjoyed the few times I've eaten here. I don't normally go for those fancy rolls but regular sushi, but the rolls I had were nice. I liked their tempura udon. It seemed especially tasty. The service was also very nice. —IrenePark

2005-11-19 17:49:29   I'm not thrilled about the quality-to-price ratio here, but the sushi bar with the boats makes for a very nice experience. —GrahamFreeman

2005-12-06 00:11:16   I ate here today. I had their teriyaki salmon lunch bento plate ($8.95). Service was surprisingly fast, which concerned me somewhat. The food was good enough, but frankly not much different than a TV dinner. Meal was: Grilled salmon piece with skin covered in teriyaki sauce, 2 potstickers (choice), 2 apple slices, sticky white rice, lemon wedge, and a bowl of miso soup. The portions are on the smaller side, which some may consider a plus. Not a bad lunch, just nothing special. I kept thinking of Mr. Krabs (Spongebob's boss) for some reason. —SteveDavison