PC Medic Mobile is an on-site full service computer repair, diagnostic, and consultation business. If you've got a computer problem the solution is just one phone call or email away. The technician travels to your location and performs the work right there. Fast and expert service.

Comments: No longer an active business.

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2012-05-12 21:12:18   I emailed Rich at PC Medic Mobile for help with ongoing computer problems I'd been having and to discuss whether it was time for a new computer or just an upgrade. Rich responded to my message almost immediately and was able to come to my house as soon as it was convenient for me. Rich was professional, efficient, knowledgeable and, most importantly, able to explain to me what was going on at every step of the way. My computer diagnostic skills are limited to restarting the computer, so I appreciated his patience for translating tech speak into something I could understand. After a thorough hardware and operating system check Rich helped me develop the most cost effective plan to get and keep me computing happily as quickly and cheaply as possible. The whole experience was worth every penny and sooo much nicer than dealing with someone at a call center halfway around the world. In the end, I'm sure Rich saved me more money than I would have spent at a retail store or through a call center tech. —JoaquinFeliciano

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2012-09-17 10:39:27   Rich built me a great gaming computer. He's excellent at answering all my questions clearly, and patiently. Really seems to care about his customers. If anything goes wrong with my computers, he's the first one I call! —DianaTaylor

2012-09-17 17:49:30   Rich at PC Medic Mobile helped me select a new laptop — my first! He set everything up, ensuring a simple and easy process for me. When it eventually started running more slowly, Rich did a check up and got it running smoothly and quickly again. Recently, I cracked the screen and once again contacted Rich. He replaced it at a very reasonable cost, and saved me from having to purchase a whole new laptop. The service was fast, professional and, best of all, affordable! I highly recommend PC Medic Mobile. —PatriciaKurata

2012-12-11 08:55:34   I had my Asus laptop go completely unresponsive on me. I called Rich for an appointment and he responded almost immediately. He was incredibly helpful and polite during the tune-up, and I thought the cost was very reasonable. I will definitely call him if I need computer help again. —samwall

2012-12-14 12:10:52   Rich did a great job restoring my pc that was heavily infected with viruses! Got it back quickly and it was like brand new! He answered all my questions very clearly! He was professional and affordable! Thank you Rich! —StevenParker

2012-12-28 20:13:29   I emailed Rich on Christmas Eve with the expectation that he would get back to me after the holidays. He called me within a half hour and was out on the 26th to diagnose the problems (corrupted OS). He offered me lots of options, including how to fix it myself if I wanted to try that repair first. He returned the computer less then 48hrs later in good working order, having done more then promised. He is definitely the first person I will call when I need to fix or buy a new computer. —ChristopherRyan

2013-01-08 21:03:24   I emailed Rich for help after my computer started freezing after 5 minutes of use. He responded to my email and was able to set up an appointment with me within an hour. Rich was very helpful in walking me through the diagnostic and showing me each step that he was taking to figure out the problem. It turned out my computer had a corrupted OS and also way too many programs running at start-up. He took my computer home and returned it the next day just in time before the quarter started. He ran into some problems putting Microsoft Office back onto my computer (which was not his fault), but made the extra effort to solve this issue, which I really appreciated. Rich also made great suggestions about how I can maintain my computer in good condition in the future. He was very responsible, patient, friendly, reassuring, and helpful throughout the whole process. He is definitely the first person that I will call for computer issues or for computer knowledge in general. He was affordable for a college student's budget as well with his student discount and returning customer discounts!

Rich - You should definitely decorate your chicken coop for Tour de Cluck this year! —AmyHu

2013-02-02 14:27:36   Thanks much... I'm fine with that result. :-) —RichGagnon

2013-02-03 20:44:18   Recently, I hired Rich of PC Medic Mobile to try to rescue my old (5+ years) Dell laptop computer after it crashed. I learned about him via the Davis Wiki, and in short, I thought he was outstanding. I left a voicemail for him; he returned my call within 20 minutes, and came by my house that same afternoon to take a look at my computer. After diagnosing the problem, he explained to me that it was fixable, but that the fix was very labor intensive (it involved disassembling the whole laptop to replace a single worn out part) and therefore costly. Given that my computer was also fairly old, as well as damaged (previously, I'd dropped it, and busted one of its hinges), we decided that it wasn't cost-effective to try and save it, and so I opted to simply replace it instead. Thankfully, though, Rich was able to recover my old data from my hard drive, and he even gave me a couple of generous discounts 'cause I was a student, and 'cause I didn't have a lot of data on my hard drive to rescue. The two services he provided (diagnosis and data recovery) cost me in total $130. In addition to that, Rich gave me a lot of information and advice about what to look for when picking out a new laptop, and even said I could contact him via email if I wanted his opinion on my final choice. Overall, I thought Rich was very personable, professional, organized, capable, and informative, and I wouldn't hesitate to call him again or to recommend him to anyone else. —DumindraGurusinghe

2013-02-14 17:11:07   Rich provided great start-to-finish support. With no fuss or muss, he diplomatically filled in my many gaps in tech knowledge during the purchase and installation of my computer system, and tailored the system to my needs. Rich easily located and transferred the data from my old (dead)computer. He had me back to telecommuting within a day - and with far less hassle and cost than a big box store. Plus, Rich is a nice guy, easy to get along with and down to earth. He was recommended to me, and now I recommend him. —litil

2013-04-10 14:45:32   Rich was phoenominal! He answered his phone, first time, made an appointment for the next day, he was on time, AMAZING!!! I feel so refreshed!! My computer is working faster and cleaner. He transferred some files from my PC to my new MAC, fixed internet issues and installed some drivers! I absolutely recommend him! —kiverson

2013-09-17 10:57:40   Rich was terrific! Prompt, professional, and very reasonably priced. He charged one rate for the job, even though it took way longer than expected due to complicating factors in our system. He walked me through everything he was doing and pointed out other issues I wasn't aware of and how to handle them. Definitely knows his stuff. Would highly recommend and will use again. —TrinaMcMorrow

2014-07-17 18:27:15   Rich did a great job fixing my laptop. I had a couple of issues...one being my laptop screen was completely broken off its hinges, secondly I broke the internal piece where the adapter plugs into the laptop. He was able to fix everything 100% and had it back to me within few days. (Only because he had to order parts which also turned out extremely inexpensive). I highly recommend using his services. Very professional and super friendly. —LakeeshiaBrooks

2014-08-11 10:04:38   we had rich build us a fantastic desktop system. he helped us select all the parts . explained all our options and built it for us from scratch. we got a way better system for a great price compared to what you would get for the same price off the store shelf. our new computer works great and we are highly satisfied. i would recommend his service to anyone. he is very patient and easy to work with. thanks for your great service rich!!!!! steve parker. —StevenParker

2014-10-30 20:24:13   I called Rich after my laptop stopped working. He was incredibly professional, thorough and informative. He also ordered for me the part that was needed to be replaced and came to replaced it really fast. The cost was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and anyone else!


2014-11-19 00:17:23   I was having issues with my laptop keyboard because most of my keys would not work. I came to find out that Rich specialized in electronic repairs and that he would replace it for me. While looking for a new keyboard, Rich discovered that mine was more on the expensive end, due to the fact that it is windows 8 and laptop screen is roughly 17.3 inches. After spending a while looking online, Rich found a keyboard that was half the price of what other sellers were listing it for. A week later, the keyboard arrived and I handed Rich my laptop, which he kept overnight and was dropped off to me the next morning ready to use! I am happy that Rich's services were fast and affordable and I commend him for taking his time looking for a cheaper keyboard for me. I am typing these very words on my new keyboard. Rich is a Godsend! —EdithBikoba

2015-09-23 14:42:53   Okay, first you have to know I'm addicted to Farmville... and I've upgraded to Windows 10... and I've managed to keep playing the game with it getting slower, and crashing, when everything else seemed to work fine. It reached a point suddenly where it crashed every few seconds. Well, I haven't had any work done on my desktop in a very long time, and decided I could either wait until upgrades and stuff got around to just making it work better, OR acknowledge that just like me, a periodic checkup wouldn't hurt. Didn't want to have to haul my hard drive somewhere and leave it - wanted to have somebody come out and fiddle with it, with me hovering and asking questions, and generally being annoying. So, after checking Wiki, I made a choice. Enter PC Medic Rich Gagnon. He broke out a briefcase of tools for checking and optimizing, explained what he was going to do, and what different responses indicated problems or not. He also showed me where I was running out of memory, and recommended a company where I could get a reasonably priced memory card. His charge was very reasonable, considering he spent a LOT of time. And I did order the memory card, and he was prompt in coming back to install it and blow all the dust out of my machine (hey, I SAID it had been a very long time!). Now everything is chugging along like almost new - it should last a few more years. Rich did let me know he can also function as a personal shopper, and do the checking out of what computer would work best for you, without your dealing with the salesman and the push to add options. He'll kick the tires and check the oil level for you, then you can step in with payment, and leave the store with exactly what you wanted! Honestly, I can't say enough good things about him - if you need someone who does know what he's doing, I can highly recommend him! —barbararuhmann