521 First Street
Inside the John Natsoulas Gallery
Monday - Friday (8AM - 7PM) Saturday - Sunday (10 AM - 7 PM)
(530) 574-1592
[email protected]
Over 100,000 small scale, organic coffee farmers
Payment Methods
Card and Cash

Pachamama Coffee Cooperative Davis is a drip coffee bar inside the John Natsoulas Art Gallery. When you buy coffee from Pachamama, you are buying it directly from the farmers who own the company. The board of directors are comprised of members from the five cooperatives. 100% of the profits from the coffee go to the five producer cooperatives that own the company. Over 100,000 small scale, organic coffee farmers own the company. The downtown location serves organic and direct trade coffee as well as fair trade and organic tea.


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2014-03-17 13:40:26   They have AMAZING coffee drinks here. I am especially happy that they now have a variety of options; espresso drinks in addition to their drip, as well as cold brew. I also appreciate the politeness of their staff. It seems that they are all passionate about coffee, and they won't give you a sideways glance if you ask for your coffee iced (which I've expressed at some upper-scale coffee shops). It is a little on the expensive side but well worth it! —lunelectronique

2015-11-28 17:16:34   Best coffee in Davis! The employees are nice and welcoming, and they care about making your drink correctly. They keep the atmosphere fun and friendly. I love the space, but it would be great if there were a thin shade on the front window that could be pulled down when the sun is most intense. When I leave Davis I will miss this place the most! —antares