Paintball has enjoyed a certain level of popularity in the greater Sacramento area throughout its history as a game/sport. Airsoft and Nerf are similar activities. Paintball is a surprisingly fun activity for the weekend. Get a group of friends together and head on out. It can be quite pricey however.

Where to Play

  • Davis Paintball Center - all day rental package is $35, or only $15 if you have your own equipment, ladies play for free with their own equipment. AllisonEriksen recommends beginners not try to play there on Sundays, as that is when the professional teams go to practice, and they generally don't want to let inexperienced players into the games.

Where to Get Equipment

  • Big 5 Sporting Goods has a limited selection of markers (paintball guns) and facemasks. Also their paintballs are quite a bit cheaper that what Davis Paintball Center charges on the field.
  • Apparently ACE Hardware carries some paintball supplies... somewhere. I only know this from an ad in the Aggie advertising a sale on paintball equipment.


* The Paintball Club at UC Davis is again active. All players are welcome whether inexperienced or experienced! Join us for an awesome time.